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Discussion Topic Is About Same Sex Marriage: Same Love? (Essay Sample)


The Discussion topic is about same-sex marriage. On Friday, June 26, 2015 the United States Supreme Court ruled in the case of Obergefell v Hodges that same-sex marriage to be legal in the entire United States. An abstract of the decision is available at: http://www(dot)supremecourt(dot)gov/opinions/14pdf/14-556_3204.pdf
To the extent that they are accurate, polls show that American views on the issue have shifted over the years from majority opposition to majority support. Of course, there is opposition to this view and ruling. Dissent was expressed by 4 of the 9 Justices. In addition, some states are considering legislation to permit state officials to not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples if it violates their religious views. In some counties, marriage licenses issuance has or is being proposed to stop altogether so that no couples are given marriage licenses. Some suggest that these strategies could backfire as detailed in the following link: https://www(dot)yahoo(dot)com/politics/how-state-fights-against-same-sex-marriage-may-122814629126.html
What are your views on the issue? What is the basis of your opinion? How strongly do you feel about your opinion? Have you always felt this way or has your opinion changed over time? While clergy and religious institutions are protected by the constitution for refusal to conduct same-sex marriages, what about laws permitting public officials the right to deny marriage licenses or other services based on their private religious views? Also, what about similar legislation has been drafted providing private non-governmental businesses the same option?


Same Love?
Same Love?
Same sex relationships have always raised controversies around the world, especially when people consider religiosity and cultural beliefs. However, being against same-sex goes against the progressive nature of the U.S. as a country. I think that same-sex couples should be left alone and given an opportunity to enjoy all the rights that heterosexual couples enjoy under the Constitution. It would be discriminatory to deny same-sex couples a marriage license based solely on their sexual orientation. The U.S. has been on the front line against discrimination and is one of the high-income countries that has kept moving forward when it comes to addressing controversial issues. As such, I think that proposing laws so as to protect public officials who refuse to offer services to same-sex couples or to halt the issuance of marriage certificates is a tactic merely meant to frustrate same-sex couples, now that the Constitution supports them. Denying human rights to people based on their group of association is unconstitutional, and formulation of laws to counter the Constitution reveals that society wants to remain glued to their beliefs. As such, I think that as long as the activities of same-sex couples do not interfere with our day to day personal lives, we should let them enjoy the protection provided to them by the Constitution, not only because it is the legal thing to do, but also because they are autonomous human beings.
My opinion is based on the fact that being in a same-sex relationship is not a choice, but rather, is an orientation. As revealed by Soh (2017), being sexually attracted to a person of the same sex is genetic, indicating that these individuals are biologically inclined to be attracted to each other. Therefore, my opinion of letting same-sex couples enjoy similar rights as heterosexual couples is based more on biology than other societal or religious beliefs, indicating that anyone can be born gay. How a person was born, based on genetics, should not be used as a basis for discriminating them. Embracing diversity, even in the form of same-sex couples in society is the only way the U.S., and the world at large, can move forward. My opinion on this issue has not always been the same because after all, our lives are influenced by many factors during the course of our lives. Growing up, same-sex people were rare unlike currently where more people, including celebrities, have come out publicly and stated their sexual orientation. Back then, I only knew what I heard from the older people in my life, and most of them were against same-sex couples. However, now that I even have friends who are same-sex couples, my opinion has changed because I first see them as individuals who are not any different from the rest of the people in the world. I, therefore, fail to understand why they should be treated differently from the rest of us, given that they have the same basic needs as any other people, and as such, should be allowed the same basic rights.
Public officials are given positions in public offices so as to provide public services to all citizens. On the other hand, clergy and religious institutions are bound by their religious duties, hence the protection by the Co

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