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Pick A Movie Philosophy Of Love: Annie Hall (Movie Review Sample)


1. Pick a movie off this list and watch it. All of them are available in the Flaxman library.
2. Skim through it again and make some notes. Which readings/theories/philosophers that we have discussed seem most relevant to the film?
3. Read over those course readings again and take some quotations/ideas from them.
4. Utilize the readings you chose, construct a film interpretation of about 800-1000 words. That is, you want to make an argument about how we should understand the movie on the basis of the theory in question.
5. You can also make positive or negative claims about the reading itself (you do not have to accept the philosophical claims at face value).
6. Only describe the plot of the film insofar as you need to make a point about it (the assignment should not be full of narrative).
7. You want to have some sort of clear thesis or claim about the relationship between the film and the reading and to support that thesis with arguments.
Annie Hall
Life is Beautiful
City Lights
Brief Encounter
In the Bedroom
Lilies of the Field
Lost in Translation


Philosophy of Love: “Annie Hall”
Student’s Name
Philosophy of Love: “Annie Hall”
Humans are social beings, and throughout history, they have been drawn towards others. Sometimes they build permanent relationships that start with a friendship ends up in love and marriage. Sometimes marriages and friendships break up after they lose interest in one another. The question of the meaning and understanding of the true definition of love is still debatable from the philosophical point of view. People spend a better part of their lives in an intimate relationship only to end up as strangers after a while. The sad part in such cases is that most of the lovers may have committed and given everything to their partners, but they are disappointed when they find out later on that the person that they once trusted is not the one they wanted to spend the rest and the best of their life with. Plato puts this definition better in The Symposium (n.d., p. 55). He describes Socrates as a person that quickly falls in love with people, but when he opens up, he cannot be understood. People tend to trust the outward appearance of others until the time they learn the truth. The sad part is that truth comes later after a person has lost almost everything. Alvy Singer, the protagonist in the film Annie Hall is a character that depicts the real picture of how people that are dissatisfied in love leap from one partner to another.
When the film starts, the audience is introduced to Alvy Singer, the protagonist speaking to the camera and appears dissatisfied with love and life. His main concern is about his breakup with Annie Hall. He is deeply concerned that time is moving fast and he has not found a right partner, a person that he could have married and settled down with to raise a family. The audience is introduced to the flashback where Alvy kisses a classmate at the age of nine, and when he visits the doctor, he is advised to enjoy life when he is still young. The saddest part is that he is aging and he has not developed love and confidence in a single woman. The only person that he thought he would love and perhaps marry is now a stranger. When the story flashes back a year or two when the two were deeply in love, the audience sees the two in an intimate relationship to the point of making love and moving about together. Th

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