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How Could New Technology Help With Netflix’s Competitive Advantage? (Case Study Sample)


The report will be about one of the three exercises and must address all three questions in the exercise. Thank you!


Netflix Case Study
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November 11, 2017
1 Exercise 3
1 How could this new technology help with Netflix's competitive advantage?
1 Netflix focuses on online video streaming, this new technology could make the interface much more easier to use as well as provide free 4k video access to its consumers with less the fee. Today, there are plenty of other websites that host online video streaming, which could make for a difficult competition for the company. Nonetheless, these websites does not exactly offer 4k videos as well as the right amount of speed to make sure that customers could enjoy watching these HD videos. In other words, by providing 4k service, which would need this new technology, Netflix could increase its consumer base, tap a market that is not to

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