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Assignment #2 Belief in Different Religions (Essay Sample)


Write a short paper (500 – 750 words) “Hmmm, you know what I would like to know…”
This is a “personal response” paper and is really all about you and your investigation into the answer. However, it is an academic paper and should not address or make any faith claims. Note: This paper is not intended to be a formal academic paper and may be written in an informal conversation style. Please note, however, your composition skills (grammar, punctuation, paragraph structure, clarity of expression, etc.) will be included in the evaluation of the paper. It should be an example of your best writing. Sources you must cite.
Here is my question!!!!
Do any people believe different religions at the same time?


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Belief in Different Religions
Religion has impacted society in different ways for thousands of years. Studies have shown that religious people tend to be more engaged, volunteer more, are more involved in the matters of the community and are generally happier than their counterparts who are not affiliated to any religion (Pew Research Center). Today, billions of people around the world are affiliated with different religions. Though there exist different reasons for following a particular religion, most people follow their specific religions to give them a greater depth as well as a sense of direction. The major religions around the world include Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and New Age Spirituality. Though similarities can be drawn between the teachings of the different religions, there also exists gaping differences between these religions. In light of the differences, one cannot help but question whether it is possible to believe in more than one religion at the same time.
According to the Pew Research Centre, 10% of American were raised in more than one religion. However, very few of them identify with multiple religions. The study also revealed that though an increasing number of Americans are being brought up by parents with different religious identities, it is only a minimal number of them that identify with multiple religions. The study, therefore, points towards the possibility of having m

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