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Negative effects on macro economics unemployment (Essay Sample)

Read MDC Gordon Rule Writing Rubric. Aim for levels 3 & 4 Typed, double spaced, approximately 3 pages, size 12 font In first paragraph state author, article, publication, date, etc. Use standard footnotes and other reference format State author's main theses or points and summarize the supporting information used by the author to support his perspective Then state your opinion - agreement or disagreement –partial or total. You should provide valid argument or data to support your views, especially if contrary to what the author has written Use your knowledge of economic concepts as much as possible in your essay to support your perspective of chapter 8,9, and 10 of the macroeconomics book of McEACHERN( Unemployment and Inflation, Aggregate Expenditure, Aggregate Expenditure and Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply.) Recommended readings – New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Time, Newsweek, Economist, American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Literature, etc. source..
Unemployment and Inflation
It is evident that although unemployment and inflation are known to have negative effects on macro economics unemployment has proved to be more hurting than inflation. Inflation is meant to distribute wealth to the borrowers from savers. The dilemma is that once there is high rate of unemployment there will be a decline of savings as people are not able to earn and there is an increase on numbers of those who need to borrow (Appelbaum Par 4). Inflation does reduce the real value of private and public debts and that`s the reason it is able to push most of the home owners into positive territory from negative equity back.
However, there is no any documented evidence on how inflation turns to be catastrophic in developed countries as opposed to developing countries and effects of increase on unemployment`s. If the interests rates increases people are able to tighten their belts with an aim of moderating inflation to hyperinflation. While, creation of inflation makes macroeconomics much difficult to manage with even with fiscal and monetary stimulation of the economy by the government by investing more in the economies, due to increased inflation. Consumer spending does increase and banks are not lending and at the same time there is reduction on income because of increased unemployment.
Unemployment`s does affect macroeconomics because costs of unemployment`s are high as most people do rely on their income to maintain the standards of living. Therefore, loss of Job does eventually affect the standard of living. While, on the other hand unemployment`s is harmful as it represent wasted human labor and productivity. Such high rate ...
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