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Private Property Rights (Essay Sample)

At a typical public school, the campus is full of trash after the lunch period. Also, desks in the classrooms often have gum stuck on the bottoms, and words/drawings carved into the tops. How does the concept of private property rights help to explain this behavior? Can you think of other examples where private property rights affect behavior? How could a school instill in the students a sense of "ownership"? source..
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Private Property Rights
In the contemporary society, under the capitalist economic regime, most individuals and scholars underrate the concept of property rights system. For many decades social criticism has been embodied in the Western world complaining that the property rights are usually perceived to take precedence over the human rights. The result articulates to the e n equal treatment of individuals despite possessing equal opportunities to render their services. In essence, the conflict denoted by human rights and property rights is considered a mirage as property rights are under the ‘umbrella’ of human rights.
In the case of a typical public school where there are all forms of trash in the campus, the students are aware that they have exclusive authority over the desks and any of the resources available in the school; as the school is considered a public institution. It therefore, shows tat the students can undertake whatever they wish to do on the school’s property as they purport to belong to them. Such freedom compromises an individual behavior and may adversely have to undertaken the same notion to the economy where the full effect of private property rights is felt. Generally, the society’s approval of the selected property to be used by the individuals in that region with imminent concern to property right, either public or private one, should be instigated with both the social ostracism and government administration force. The public school property is owned by the schools governing body, therefore, the guidelines that are set by the schools governing body on the ways of protecting the property should be articulated to.
Private property rights, under normal consideration, involve an exclusive right that an individual has towards the services emanating from resources available. For instance, in the case of ownership of apartment, the landlord has an exclusive property rights to his/her apartment and will determine on whether he ca n offer to rent it o a third party or not. In the case of rentals, the tenant’s behavior may ultimately change upon being given the rights to administer the property. As such, one may start to throw the litters anyhow; the use of the toilet may be haphazard with minimal intention of keeping the required level of cleanliness.
Private property rights also articulates to the right of delegation, selling or even leasing a given property to third party with the price consideration being determined by the owner of the property. In the case where an individual is not given an opportunity to acquire the rights from the owner, then it is clear that the eventual private property rights are engrosse...
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