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MDC Gordon Rule Writing Rubric (Essay Sample)

Read MDC Gordon Rule Writing Rubric. Aim for levels 3 & 4 Typed, double spaced, approximately 3 pages, size 12 font In first paragraph state author, article, publication, date, etc. Use standard footnotes and other reference format State author's main theses or points and summarize the supporting information used by the author to support his perspective Then state your opinion - agreement or disagreement –partial or total. You should provide valid argument or data to support your views, especially if contrary to what the author has written Use your knowledge of economic concepts as much as possible in your essay to support your perspective of chapter 1,2, and 3 of the macroeconomics book of McEACHERN( The art and science of economic analysis, Economic Tools and economic systems and Economic decision makers.) Recommended readings – New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Time, Newsweek, Economist, American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Literature, etc. http://faculty(dot)mdc(dot)edu/mcueto/ENC1101/ENC%201101%20SCHEDULE/rUBRIC.HTM source..
This paper focuses on the book "ECON for Macroeconomics" by William McEachern; and specifically deals with three chapters. The first chapter is on The Art and Science of Economic Analysis; the second is on economic tools and economic systems, while the third is economic decision makers. His book has a fine skilled approach developed with reserves that assists learners to advance their perceptive and rationalize errands hence saving on time.
McEachern supposes that learners are instinctively aware of various concepts of economics through life experiences which are then made known to them as concepts of economics with a design that is clean, apparent and motivating description and applicable learning. Economists think that people`s motivation is self concern to mean that the preferences they make are meant to make them enhanced but self concern does not enable us to predict or clarify sufficiently the behaviour of people, though, human behaviour can be clarified and evaluated when the hypothesis of consistency is included (McEachern, 13). Supposing that people act constantly, it can be expected that they will modify their actions in a certain way that will suit the diverse economic surroundings they face. The author`s summary includes a collection of education support to contain varied and eventful routines of today`s students, such as flash cards that can be downloaded, review cards, graphing tests, and rapid quizzes which allow learners to learn from where they are and at their own convenient time.
Choices normally entail picking between the position quo and another thing since to make a decision one bases on an assessment of the additional profits and the additional charges of the reflected modification. If additional profits surpass additional costs, then one chooses to change (Bernanke, & Rogoff, 342). Reasonable preference takes information and time. A decision maker can make a poor choice if he or she has no fine information and it needs enough time and good resources to gather and incorporate information (McEachern, 16). Sensible people gather information from various sources for as much as the anticipated additional profit of doing this surpasses that of additional costs.
An economy as large, diverse, and interrelated as the U.S. economy is too complex for any individual to understand. There is a lot of fiscal data which many cannot comprehend the cause for each operation especially for a big, varied and inter-transmitted economy, like that...
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