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PC Stage in the Evolution of Information Systems (Essay Sample)


Do you agree that we are in a post-PC stage in the evolution of information systems? Some people argue that we will always need the personal computer, but that it will not be the primary device used for manipulating information. Others think that a whole new era of mobile and biological computing is coming. Do some original research and make your prediction about what business computing will look like in the next generation.
Write 1 page (12 point - double spaced) outlining your prediction for the future!


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PC Stage in the Evolution of Information Systems
In the evolution of information systems, the current era is in a post-PC stage with the decline in PCs sales and increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets in business environments. While some people argue that the PC will always remain to be relevant in business settings, there are claim that it will not be the primary device used to manipulate information due to limited storage and processing power. Futurists think that the rapid evolution of information systems will usher in a whole new era of biological and mobile computing in future. With the rapid acceleration of the rate of innovation in business intelligence, data warehousing, and data analytics, more and more organizations will be exploring newer modalities of leveraging predictive and descriptive models to support gainful business decisions.
By understanding the tre

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