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Global HRM. Management Essay. Human Resource Management (Essay Sample)


A professor in the HRM department has heard that you completed a course in Global HRM with the top average in the class. Furthermore, he heard your name from a colleague (your professor) who was bragging about your command of cultural differences and their impact on recruiting, hiring, rewards, and engagement.
You have been hired for a short-term project based on his expressed needs and your expertise. Here is how he expressed it:
“A dominant strength of the Rutgers SMLR student body is its international representation. My professional experience is that diverse teams should and could be more productive and creative because of the obvious fact that a diverse team has a much more extensive inventory of both ideas and judgment as compared to a homogeneous team. Yet, I am frustrated because diverse teams seem to wrestle (or even worse, they don’t!) with issues that prevent them from even performing on par with homogeneous teams. I am reworking my courses to train students to perform more productively in diverse teams because, as you surely learned in your GHRM class, EVERYTHING is international these days.
So, my charge to you is for you to create and justify ONE exercise, ONE assignment, and ONE project that would help to achieve that aim (prepare students to collaborate better in internationally diverse teams). What EXACTLY would be your learning objectives for each? What would be required of students? How should the tasks be assessed (graded)? In particular, how would these be presented in the syllabus or in-class (give me the exact scripts, in quotes)? How much time would it involve for students? How much time do you project the grading to take per student? These might be individual projects but are more likely to involve collaboration between domestic and international students, in pairs, trios, or larger groups. Your suggestions should work even where the international students make up only about 25% of the class. Don’t forget to state a clear learning objective for each suggestion. AT LEAST ONE OF THESE SHOULD BE DESIGNED TO WORK BEST IN AN ONLINE CLASS (and you should indicate clearly which one it is).
Please use all you have learned in your GHRM course involving employee motivation, cultural country distinctions, recruiting and selecting members for an inter-cultural team, rewarding them and, finally, training them.” Apply this knowledge to the creation of your suggested tasks and student behavior/outcomes.
Your report is expected to address ALL the questions posed above. It will be submitted in the form of an expanded “Executive Summary”. (FYI: An executive summary is a business document that communicates EVERYTHING that is essential but nothing more… because executives have very little discretionary time to read about things that don’t matter!) As guidance, my expectation is that the document you produce will be approximately 4-6 pages. If and where appropriate, feel free to bullet your points and include an “Appendix” where you may include fuller documentation regarding descriptions, templates, etc.”


Student's Name
Professor's Name
Global HRM
Enhancing diversity is significant to human resource management. For instance, diversity respects and acknowledges the contributions made by group members regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, culture, and race. Diversification also integrates the contribution of members to the company's entire mission, and it is usually sensitive to the social and personal development of the individuals concerned. According to Tarique et al., managing diversity is a strategic process that helps in handling a diverse workforce, such as fighting against prejudice, stereotypes, and other types of discrimination because of people's assumptions and perceptions. As a result, workplace diversity minimizes the barriers and maximizes the benefits of different attitudes, behavior, and opinions of human beings in a group. It further enhances sustained business growth, workplace inclusion, workplace diversity, and intercultural competence. Therefore, the paper creates and justifies an exercise, a project, and an assignment to enable students to collaborate effectively in international, diverse teams. The learning objectives and students' expectations are also identified.
* The Exercise
The exercise for students questions them to discuss in five pages, the impact of technology and globalization on HRM, and the severe challenges posed to HRM workplace diversity programs and initiatives.
* The Learning Objective: The learning objective in the exercise is to familiarize students with the management of workplace diversity. Therefore, students will gain the understanding that managing diversity is not a single workplace problem that should be addressed, but a progressive exercise in the organization's life span.

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