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The Cover Letter For The Wsc 2 Portfolio (Essay Sample)


Writing the Cover Letter for the WSC 2 Portfolio

In the narrative/cover letter of your portfolio, discuss how you approach each essay, difficulties you face while writing, what you learned about yourself as a writer based on the assignments and classwork. The cover letter should be 3-4 pages. The purpose of the cover letter is to:

  1.  Introduce yourself to your reader.
  2.  Summarize your papers so your reader will know what to expect.
  3.  Explain why the contents of your portfolio go together and how the papers and class work cohere.
  4.  Describe your progress and what you have learned in WSC 2.
  5.  Identify the aspects of writing that you will continue to develop as you progress through the University.

Begin with “Dear Professor,”

What: titles of the three essays and group project you are submitting and 1-2 sentences about each.

Why:  What did you bring from your own perspective into these essays? 1-2 sentences about each.

How: do you think your writing has improved over the semester? Assess your learning process.

How:  do you think you met these class objectives, as stated on the syllabus:

  • The ability to write an effective argument.
  • The ability to critically interpret written work in discipline-specific contexts. 
  • Close reading and explication of literary texts.
  • Construct well-reasoned solutions or conclusions; test and defend conclusions against relevant criteria and standards.
  • Summarizing, quoting and responding to reliable texts to support and develop claims.
  • Applying editing, proofreading and revising strategies.
  • Strengthen students’ abilities to express ideas and opinions in oral presentation.
  • Collaborate within small learning communities. 

Last Paragraph:  How did your writing improve? How did your thinking develop?

Sign your cover letter at the end.


Student Name
Professor Name
Portfolio Assignment
Dear Professor,
The titles of my three essays are: What we experience or encounter in our daily lives, The understanding of happiness and Riggan as an actor, director, and writer. The first essay talks about the challenges we often face in life; the second essay discusses how important happiness is for our survival, while the third essay sheds light on the lifestyle and career of Riggan. After reading the first essay, I got to know that life is not so easy as many of us consider it. In fact, it brings both happiness and sadness, and we sometimes get confused how to deal with the day-to-day problems. From the second essay, I have learned that happiness originates from the human brain and is directly linked to all parts of the body. When we keep negativity out of our lives and keep our brain free from emotional thoughts, the chances are that we will live a happy and prosperous life. Similarly, the third essay has given me a lesson of how Riggan struggled in his life to become a famous and rich writer, director and editor (Bedford & Wilson 2013).
I must admit that these essays have been nicely written. They not only depict their respective, positive messages but also make me understand different English words and phrases. After reading these essays and understanding their real meanings or purposes, I have been able to improve myself as a student. Previously, I used to be a careless student who didn't pay any attention to his studies and never cared about his future. But now, things have been totally changed; today, I find myself in a situation where I can happily accept multiple challenges and improve my learning process to an extent. I have realized that life is full of problems, especially for students. They have to learn various new things, complete their assignments, and meanwhile improve their communication and interpersonal skills. It wasn't easy for me before reading those three essays. With the passage of time, my learning capabilities have improved, and today I consider myself one of the most intelligent and brilliant students i

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