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Why I'm Taking This Class And What Areas Of Hospitality Industry I Am Interested In (Essay Sample)


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Why I am Taking this Class
I am taking this class because I find hospitality and tourism interesting. I believe the hospitality industry is one of the growing sectors in the world today and learning how it operates is going to be exciting. Not only does the industry offer good employment opportunities, but it also gives one the chance to explore the world. I am fascinated by the diversity that the earth offers. Right from people, cultural activities, to attraction sites, there are beautiful things that are present and distributed all over the world. I believe taking the class will help me explore these aspects in detail and get to learn from them.
Today's world is more interconnected than ever before, and people can easily travel from place to another. In addition, the technological advancement has enabled people to share experiences with others easily. Most of the beautiful cultures and sceneries of the world have been documented by people as well as writers who find fascination in the tourism and hospitality. Therefore, I believe taking the class will put me in a better position to explore what has been written by others about their experiences while exploring this beautiful earth.
Another aspect that I am interested in significantly is the culture of people around the world. Different countries and regions have diverse cultures that are always interesting to learn about. Africa and Asia, for instance, have unique cultural practices that I find fascinating. Food preparations and service in Asian nations are different from that of the west. It is always intriguing to learn different food cultures of the world. I believe that through the class, I will be able to learn and research about cultures of different around the world. Understanding the cultures of people around the wor

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