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Collaborative Leadership Compared to Directive Leadership Management (Essay Sample)


Research "Collaborative Leadership Compared to Directive Leadership ," and write a paper on the topic.
Collaborative leadership is a style practiced by leaders who recognize the importance of interpersonal relationships and cross functional collaborations for organizational success. Directive leadership is a leadership style characterized by setting clear objectives and rules for employees/subordinates/followers ensuring that expectations and directions are clearly defined and understood. In this paper, discuss traits and characteristics of both leadership styles. Select one or two leaders that exemplify both leadership dimensions. Conclude with a summary of how important these leadership dynamics are to your career and your own leadership development.
Your paper should begin with an explanation of the traits with at least three references. Next you should select a leader(s) that meets each assigned trait, then give a historical overview of the leader(s). You will need an additional three (3) references for the individual. Please include a reflection on how you can use these traits in your career and your leadership development.
This paper is to be a minimum of 2-4 full pages, no pictures, Times New Roman (12), 1.5 spacing, MLA citations for a minimum of six (6) different references, with a cover page and Works Cited section listing your sources.


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Collaborative Leadership Compared to Directive Leadership
In the everyday workplace, managers adopt some leadership styles that best suit their needs. Collaborative and directive leadership are some of the standard methods they choose. Collaborative leadership concentrates on authentic control and avoids passive-aggressiveness. In other words, it includes employees in the decision-making process. The leaders are always looking into ways of involving workers by seeking their suggestions and allowing them to be creative at work (Scully and Bates 29). Managers who endorse the style believe the company resources belong to everyone and that the employees are a vital resource. Not only do they ensure accountability and promote an environment for collective decision-making, but such leaders also reward employees to motivate them. They always have open communication lines for employees to make suggestions, opinions, and provide feedback (Fiaz, Su and Saqib 152). Perhaps the leaders know that some employees may oppose or resent change. Therefore, they explain essential changes to the employees and allow them time to adjust, reassuring them of how the changes will benefit everyone.

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