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BIOGRAPHY: Kant Attack Ad video (Essay Sample)

Watch the Kant Attack Ad video located in the Content tab under Week 3 then write a 2 page biography of Immanuel Kant and his contribution to the study of business ethics. The book we are using if you would like to cite from is Business Ethics, 7th ed., by Richard T. DeGeorge. (Prentice Hall, 2010), 523 pages with index. ISBN-13: 978-0-205-73193-0 No Plagiarism at all, please cite all sources, no specific amount to be used, and site within the text, MLA format. Also please watch grammar. Thank you! source..
Immanuel Kant
The essay is developed after watching the Kant Attack Ad video. A biography of Immanuel Kant is given in this essay. Lastly, the paper critically analyzes his contributions to study of business ethics.
According to (Stuckenberg, 3-5) Kant was the fourth child of Johann and Anna, he had eight siblings was born in Königsberg East Prussia, in 1724. His family was a religious one firmly believing in religious experience as well as biblical studies. He attended Saint George’s Hospital School for his elementary; he later went to Collegium Fredericianum till 1740. Kant joined the University of Königsberg in 1740 and shown interest in philosophy, natural science and math’s.
Six years down the line his father died compelling him to look for a job as a private tutor during which he published a number of papers addressing scientific questions. Among the papers are "General Natural History and Theory of the Heavens" and “On Fire” (Stuckenberg, 12 and 13). Between 1755 and 1770 Kant was a lecturer and was awarded a professorship in his 15th year as a lecturer.
Kant never married. Among his cherished work are; critique of judgment, opus post mum, contest of faculties, an answer to the question; what is enlightenment?, groundwo...
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