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Worries And Opportunities Of Technology In Democracy (Essay Sample)


The essay contains 1 intro, 3 body paragraphs, and 1 conclusion. each body paragraph needs 2 quotes from each author or from one author, ill send you the outline. for the quotes, i need 1 idea(framing) quote and 1 info(example) quote for each body paragraph, or 2 idea quotes. for each quotes, i need analysis that connect with my thesis and the other author or quotes. the quotes should have ""this symbol. for my intro, just like my own essay, no quotes contained.


Worries and Opportunities of Technology in Democracy
The utilization of technology, particularly, the use of the internet has been identified as one of the most notable life changing invention of the human race. Through the internet barriers in communication such as geographical limitations have been minimized greatly. Online social media have become a key tool in the promotion of the freedom of expression and as a key way for people to express some of their most pressing issues. This has led to the rapid growth of internet activism where social and political activists use the social media platforms to communicate with the public. Similarly, governments have also become greater beneficiaries of the power of the internet through which they communicate to the public. In his article, “Democracy in Cyberspace: What Technology Can and Cannot Do for Us”, Bremmer argues that the internet has diminished time and distance between people across the globe and it has become a great tool for advancing democracy across the globe. However, despite the powerful abilities of the internet, governments and authoritarian states are uncomfortable on the use of the internet in the spread of ideologies. Klein's article on “Fences of Enclosure, Windows of Possibility”, Klein argues that there have been well calculated efforts to deny the public a rightful access to the internet for them to express themselves as free citizens. The internet has become an alternative source of power for citizens and has enabled limitless connections among people beyond the political borders as these technologies cannot be privatized.
The need to maintain political borders and for the best interest of governments has resulted to a restricted nature in the access of technology cross the globe. “Another public-interest barrier under...altered...while the ones that restrict our liberties keep multiplying” (Klein 196). Kleins claim can be illustrated as these barriers have become visible throughout the internet websites as well. In an instance, while browsing some previous services such as database and websites where services were initially being offered for free now people have to pay a subscription or an entry fee to access the services. These barriers to entry which have now dominated most areas are as a result of monetizing for profits. Capitalism has become a central factor in deterring the access to these services which otherwise were freely available. Technology plays a key role in empowering social movements who are for or against the very idea of democracy. Certainly, technology plays a vital role in empowering social movements who are advocating for democracy. As such activists can, in the same manner, take their issues to the global world through social media platforms. This goes both ways as they are able to convince people regardless of whether they are on the right side or on the wrong side. Social media has sped up globalization as it has made the world to become smaller. It is because of its ability to contact people from different places across the globe which is why most activists take to these sites to influence democracy as in the case where they campaign for specific objectives and urge people to vote for specific items which are part of their agenda. However, governments, just like the activists, have also benefitted from this social and unlimited space where they can spread and subvert ideologies however well-intentioned they are. As Brenner notes, “all have argued that the long-term survival of authoritarian states depends on their ability to control the flow of ideas...borders.”(p41). Therefore, despite the efforts made by the civil activists to advocate and advance democracy, governments that are not supporti...

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