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What Can Make A Narrator Trustworthy? (Essay Sample)


This is a online final exam of my English course, so you can not use any online resources, only can use the test book that i sent to you. Choose one topic that from the document. You need write about two articles. I just have one and half hours to finish this, so please finish it as soon as possible.


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English Essay
What makes a narrator trustworthy? There have been various debates on reliable and unreliable narrators over the last few years. However, today's philosophers and experts believe that a narrator is trustworthy and reliable if he leaves a good impression on the minds of his readers, create great and informative texts, and pays utmost attention to sharing reality with the world. In contrast, a narrator will not be considered reliable and trustworthy if he doesn't discuss key points in his texts, fails to write something unique and extraordinary, and focuses on covering boring and out of context stories (Thorp 2010).
We can also say that there are three determinant of a reliable narrator: writing flawless stories, sharing truths with his readers and using multiple tools and examples to prove his point. Plus, he should be capable enough to use simple yet impressive words while writing his stories. The standard English is what most readers love to go with, so the language of a narrator has to be amazing and simple. Not only this but also the narrator who wants to be trusted and loved by his audience should tell the stories in a unique way and focus on specific characters, either sportsmen, politicians, celebrities or imaginary characters (Tulloch & Bruce 2005).
Can the narrator of a story be deceitful? It depends on how the narrator presents his story and what type of words or language he has used. A perfect example of whether a narrator is deceitful or not and how powerfully he has used his narrative is Shirley Jackson's The Lottery. Here he begins telling his story in an impressive way, stating that early in the morning, flowers are blossoming everywhere, the green grass looks rich and refreshing, and the sun is shining with its full brightness. On June 27, the villagers gather in a square and talk about a lottery that could give them more than enough money to raise their families. Another amazing example is Garry Engkent's Why My Mother Can't Speak English. Here Garry talks about one of most beautiful

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