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Justice - is a simple word (Essay Sample)

Hi please go to my Flickr site to see the pictures of my assignment. Here is the link to the instruction: www... Here is the link for the page of the book \\\\\\\"Six Questions of Socrates\\\\\\\" www..... Please make sure you follow the instructions in order, this essay is my final and its worth 2/3 of my grade. I need this by Sunday night(its due Monday morning) Call or text me if you have questions. Thank you. source..
Justice is a simple word yet bearing a crucial meaning in the society and the entire world. It may also be considered as a cheap act yet it serves as a medicine to many individuals. Every person desires to be treated fairly and reasonably. In the book ‘six question of Socrates,’ justice has been mentioned and portrayed times without number, as we vividly read about the injustices that are happening in American prisons. This is an observation that concerned people have made, putting in that it is unfortunate that these conditions continue to worsen as days progresses. Moreover, the solutions of better facilities or institutions meant for correction have been abused as well, leaving the victims stranded and lost. The whole scenario is disturbing and at the same time offering each person something worth pondering about.
Feld (six question of Socrates’) talks about a juvenile court whose first intention was to offer treatment for individuals as well as act as a rehabilitative option rather than receiving punishment. The institution was not supposed to enact the punitive policies in the first place, as they were to act as correction centers. It is very unfortunate that this has never been accomplished and there is no hope for change if things continue the same way. The juvenile courts turned into bankrupt institutions that bear no rationale or justification. The injustice is a very sad situation for the youths who are lacking time for a second chance in reshaping their lives. The young offenders are prone to the danger of life wastage in prison, as they do not receive therapy or justice. They end up desperate and their lives deteriorate each day, either in the cells or outside. Moreover, the minority youths are imposed with harsh sanctions by the policies of the juvenile justice.
I find this passage very inspiring as there is surety that some people with virtues still exist, as the Socrates’ count consider this act as equivalent to evil. People are relational as created, and therefore ought to live to help each other regardless of their weaknesses. The act of dismissing or locking up the offenders and badly behaved young ones is inconsiderable. Some youths behave violently not because they want to behave like that but because of frustrations. The best that the society and institutions like the juvenile courts could offer them is a listening ear, and find ways of helping them out of the situation.
The author asks a very interesting question about whether we should give up hope on the rehabilitation of the inmates in our correctional systems. Moreover, he asks if by giving up on the inmates means that we are communicating to them to give up on themselves. The tactic of these questions drive a certain point home, that we ought to be inspiring to the inmates and always prioritize in offering a helping hand in assurance that they can become bett...
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