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Explore Twilight Zone Season 1 Episode 29 (Essay Sample)


Choose and Watch a Twilight Zone episode from season 1 to 3.
The essay need 2 pages and add 1 work cited page.


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Twilight Zone
This paper explores Twilight Zone season 1 episode 29. In this episode, a school teacher, Helen Foley, finds a small girl, Mackie, sitting on the steps outside her apartment and she invites her into her apartment. Evidently, Mackie seems to know a lot about Ms. Foley, including a scar she has under her elbow, yet they had never met before. Mackie constantly comments about things, some of which makes Ms. Foley angry, but also remind her of how much she does not remember from her past. When Mr. Peter Selden, whom she had seen earlier and thought, looked familiar, comes to her apartment, a lot of fragmented memories come flooding in. It turns out that Mackie is actually little Ms. Foley and her presence after Ms. Foley saw Mr. Selden earlier that day was a way of recovering lost memories of a tragic event that involved her mother’s death (Ganzer). Also, Mr. Selden is visiting her apartment to tie a loose end. This episode presents two main themes; repressed memories and fear.
The theme of repressed memories is evident throughout the episode. Ms. Foley personally admits to Mackie that she does not have a recollection of her past. However, throughout the episode, little fragments of her memory keeping coming back to her, in the form of her younger self. The memories that she had suppressed for so long have to come out, which is why she keeps seeing the little girl, who is not there in real

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