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Reflective Essay: Theatre as an Art and a Way of Life (Essay Sample)


Reflective Essay Instructions
The reflective essay provides you an opportunity to select and assess the work you've done this semester and relate it to the course learning outcomes.
The reflective essay must respond to the following:
what have you learned this semester (in relation to the learning outcomes on the syllabus) and why and how do the pieces of evidence you've chosen demonstrate that? (Make sure you explicitly link your evidence to the learning outcomes.)
What did you do or not do that helped or hindered your learning during the semester?
How do you think you will use what you've learned in the future?
In the reflective essay, your task is to demonstrate which of the learning outcomes for the course you have achieved. You demonstrate this achievement by writing a well-formed essay that cites evidence from your coursework (you must include at least one performance response and one discussion posting as pieces of evidence; other evidence can be from other posting, module exercises, your other short response, quizzes, and so on). Remember: you must use the evidence to support your argument. Do not just say, “You can see I have achieved learning outcome number 1 by looking at my first performance response.” You have to say something like, “You can see from performance response 1, where I say this that and the other thing, that I demonstrate my achievement of learning outcome number 1.” You can also demonstrate your achievement of a learning outcome by explaining how you would do something differently now from when you first did it (for example, “Although in my discussion posting on non-Western theatre, I wrote x, y, and z, I would now change that to a, b, and c, which clearly shows that I have achieved learning outcome 1.”
Your essay should be as long as it needs to be, but I expect you will need between 1000 and 1500 words (3-5 pages) to address adequately the assignment.
The reflective essay must: successfully address all aspects of the assignment, exhibit structural integrity, demonstrate reasoning and coherence, and utilize language appropriate to the context and audience. The essay is due Saturday, April 28th, no later than 8am. Remember: this is a formal essay and you should format it accordingly, including choice of font, size, and margins.


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Reflective Essay – Theatre as an Art and a Way of Life
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Throughout the whole semester, I was able to learn a lot of theater the tough class lectures, video presentations, as well as attending live performances. At first, glance, what I realized was that most people (including me at the beginning of semester) watched theaters mostly for the entertainment value that it was able to provide. This is the reason why someone who has never observed or studied the art would mostly appreciate the entirety of the piece, as compared to appreciating the parts. Something which most avid viewers do. Nonetheless, as we've studied the specifics of theater acting and combined it with first-hand viewing experiences, my learning and fascination about theater productions started to grow. However, what stayed on my mind were three essential themes/lessons, which are; (1) theater as a way of life, (2) theater as culture, and (3) theater as art.
Theater as a Way of Life
In one of the exercises that we did in class, we were made to think and reflect about the difference of theater in our minds and those which are performed on stage. For the most part, we felt that both of these constructs should be similar since both of them are similar regarding their aim to create an ‘alternate reality for their viewers.' This, in turn, provides entertainment for the readers by providing them a means to temporarily escape their reality (Schonmann). However, while this views theater for its entertainment value, I also realized that for the most part theater is a way of life. On the one hand, every theater performance requires the capability of the viewers to temporarily escape their reality, focus on the performance, and go back full circle to their lives (Schonmann). In other words, it means that the viewer himself becomes a part of the theater itself. On the other hand, the theater is always composed of people. Even though we take this for granted most of the times, what we don't realize is that every play would also require the performer to create temporary reality to

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