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The city of camen Nj (Essay Sample)

plese write the essay occording to the document that im sumibting CLient wrote: the document that i submited is the essay topic ,please write theessay according to the topic. source..
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The city of Camden
Camden is among the poorest cities in the whole of United States of America. The city has most of notorious gangs known in the country and making the matters worse the city is in the process of dismantling the existing police department and makes another that will be run by the county government. The city planners are in the move to try to combat the rate of crime in the city. Studies are putting the murder rate for the city about six people and above per 10,000 while New York is a person per 10,000 residents. One strategy will be to increase the number of the police officers as they keep the cost under control. There are many factors that have contributed to that rapid increase in murder cases in the city (Gillette, 34).
First and foremost is the issue of the budget. As said earlier, the city is among the poorest cities in the United States hence a challenge of raising enough funds to use. Thus, no enough money to pay the workers, for instance, last year’s budget was $ 167 million but they managed to collect only $21 million dollars. The income of the city cannot sustain itself. Due to this reason there is a cold war between the police and the city planners which has resulted to the need to dismantle the police force. The officials are saying that dismantling the police will increase the public confidence and they will be able to pay them less hence relieving the budget some coins (Gillette, 54).
Secondly, poverty has contributed a lot towards the crime increase. The city poverty is evidently seen as most of businesses have closed down and most of the youths just hang around. This has contributed a lot to the setback of security issues in the town because if the people are lack the basic human wants where will they get money to pay tax...
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