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The Temptation Of Robin By Hillary White Rabbit (Essay Sample)


I need a visual analysis on a painting of the temptation of robin by Hillarywhiterabbit, it needs to be a max of 900 words and double spaced ( but I can do that myself).
This paper must be perfect from first attempt!


The temptation of Robin by Hillary White Rabbit
The Temptation of Robin by Hillary White Rabbit represents Robin being tempted and swayed to jump by Batman. Hillary based the painting on Ary Scheffer's “Temptation of Christ.” The powerful landing- like process and formation of strange, swift hands of Batman and relaxed standing position of Robin on a pitted mountain give the viewer a vivid image to each element in the painting contributes. Besides, the heavy lines that form at the ends of Batman shape and the wavy bending lines on the clothes that Robin wears and the rock where they stand evoke how Hillary White Rabbit uses a brush to move and deposit the inks (White Rabbit 1). The lines, especially on the rock, give massive escarpment with portrait revealing heavenly life with the dominance of the sky. Such painting gives wonder at how Hillary White Rabbit shows the context of temptation, whereby Batman persuades Robin to jump from the top of the mountain.
The temptation of Robin by Batman happens when Batman takes Robin to a mountaintop and points down the mountain while maintaining eye contact with Robin to deviate his eyes from focusing on the direction Batman is pointing. Batman in his dark blue gown with wings and horns makes the viewers perceive him as Satan, while Robin with is golden crown shaped as sun-disc on the background of his head reveals his holiness to show Jesus Christ. Therefore, the painting is perceived with reference to the Bible, to the episode of the temptation of Jesus after his 40 days of fasting in the desert. Perhaps Robin feels that Batman compromises his integrity (White Rabbit 1). Hillary drew the acrylic piece on canvas in 2012 with a matte finish. The piece gives a silkscreen ink on linen and is seen on one side as it hangs on a wall. The background is a solid navy blue at the top that spreads to light blue and other color combinations such as white and light cream towards the base (White Rabbit 1).
The painting is 18 by 24 inches and is slightly directed to the viewer. The image can be held by hand. Therefore, the viewer immediately forms an intimate relationship with the picture as it reveals fine details due to the closeness. Besides, the

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