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Power Relations: Streetcar And Master Harold (Essay Sample)


Prompt: The interactions among characters in a drama is often associated with the acquisition, the holding or the loss of power. By what means and with what effects have plays in your study addressed power relations?
Using the elements of fiction document, the layers of critical thinking document, and the dramatic techniques document, analyze two of the plays that we have studied (Master Harold...and the Boys and A Streetcar Named Desire) with regard to the question above, and create a thesis that states your assertion.
Remember that the Paper Two Exam is a traditional thematic essay in which you must answer the question you choose. In answering that question, you must create an assertion which serves as your comprehensive thesis and which addresses the following:
(1) the author's intentions with regard to that question;
(2) the literary features he uses and how he uses them with regard to that question;
(3) the overall impact on the reader.
Please provide an introduction in which you hook your reader and state your assertion (comprehensive thesis) that answers the question. In multiple paragraphs, give a body that fully addresses all of the aspects of your answer to the question with textual support from the play. End with a conclusion that recapitulates your thesis and leaves your reader with a larger take-away from the experience of the play.
Remember to proofread before submission, please, and check for errors in grammar and punctuation. Write with intelligence, depth, and support. Please submit your essay to this slot and to your e-portfolio under Summatives.


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Power relations in works of art have always been present in all shapes and sizes. From the accounts of Greek mythology and until the recent novels and movies today, studying power relationships between the characters as well as the dynamics between the specific elements could give the audience an idea about the time, place, and motivation, etc. about the piece. In this study, I would be studying about two notable plays of the 1950s, namely Master Harold and the Boys and A Streetcar Named Desire. While both of them are award-winning, what piqued my interest was the profound reflections that one could glean from it, especially in the topics of Power relations. Thus, in this article, an analysis of the elements of these works would be done. All in all, I believe that by analyzing these elements and identifying the kind of power struggle that exists between the characters themselves, one could locate them in the context of the time when they were produced.
In both of the plays, it is noticeable that the basic plot is characterized by a “man vs. man” for A Streetcar Named Desire and “man vs. society” for Master Harold and the Boys. The reason for this difference is that while the first one focuses on the conflict between Blanche and Stanley, the latter emphasizes Sam's battles against the system to prevent his friend and master (Harold) from becoming subsumed by it. However, this is not the only difference in both of the plays. One of the most notable differences between both of the pieces was the use of the third-person narrator in Master Harold and the Boys and a First Person point of view in the other. In line with this, it could easily be argued that the use of an “omniscient being” was essential to show the power relations between Hally and Sam without being offensive to the audiences. It is well-known that this play was created during the 1950s during the time of the apartheid. Because of this current power struggles between the different races was very much prevalent. This use of a

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