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The different ways Emilia is treated by men in the play Othello (Essay Sample)


PROPOSAL: I plan on writing my literary analysis on Othello. I read Othello back when I was in high school, but never really understood the role Emilia until reading it in this class. I would love to dive into the role Emilia plays throughout the play along with how her character changes. She ends up being very strong and courageous as action rises in the play. She is treated differently in the play but always stands her ground. So for my thesis I would love to dive into the different ways Emilia is treated by men in the play Othello.
We are reading and watching the stage performance of Othello and watching a film of a modern update on MacBeth. For your literary analysis essay write a 2-3 page essay that further explores just one of the plays. Your essay should include a thoughtful analysis of the the play’s themes, symbols, motifs, and a character analysis of two characters.
You must cite the text in your analysis, and also use at least 1 secondary source. One of your secondary sources/articles must be a peer-reviewed article from an academic journal/source.
Look at library database such as JSTOR or Search One for articles.
All papers must be in MLA format and must be saved as a word document.


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Emelia is one of the central characters in the play titled "Othello." In light of the themes, symbolism motifs, an analysis of characters, I focus on the different ways men treat Emilia. The position of women as a theme is reflected in Emilia's experiences with men in the play. Despite being loyal to her husband Lago, Emilia is treated like a puppet. More often, she's manipulated by Lago, even though she declares her willingness to support his husband's aspirations as a sign of respect and love (Shakespeare 217). For instance, when Lago intends to manipulate Othello, he uses his wife's close relations with Desdemonas to get a handkerchief from her. 

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