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Assignment: Diagnostic Essay (Essay Sample)

Dear writer, I attached the assignment, and I am an international student, so can we make it simple. Warm regards, Mansour Alhajri source..
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Diagnostic Essay
Robert F. Kennedy wrote down a number of ideas while he was headed for a rally that was to be carried out during that period when he heard about the death of Martin Luther King on landing from his plane that evening. He escalated a smooth bed of a vehicle and gave out a few minutes speech which has remained to linger in times gone by and in the mind and hearts of many as a huge address in the recent times (Robert, par 2). He was set for campaigns in the whole of West Virginia and wanted to begin in Indianapolis that night and when he climbed the platform the audience was raising signs and posts for him in praise of his campaigns but he calmed them and asked to lower the signs.
He referred to the news he had for them as sad to all of them and all fellow populace and everyone who cherished peace to be everywhere in the world. He talked well of Luther King for bestowing his life to justice and love linking associate human beings. Robert F. Kennedy confirmed to them that King died in the grounds of the attempt for justice and love in the United States among Americans and in that difficulty that is still faced even to date it is conceivably well to solicit what type of a country US is and the direction in which we desire to progress in. He expressed with sorrow that it was evident that some white fellows were responsible for the death of Luther King.
Taking this evidence into consideration it could occur to those that are black that they want to carry bitterness, abhorrence and a wish for vengeance along with themselves. And stir in that course as a nation, in bigger division: African Americans along with African Americans, as well as whites among whites, overflowing with extreme dislike toward each other depending on whatever an individual decides to do. RFK drew to the attention that the country could shift to greater division otherwise it could go after Martin Luther King if the people decide to identify with, to realize, and put back that aggression and the struggle of atrocities that h...
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