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Comparative Analysis of Novel and Film 'Once Were Warriors' (Essay Sample)

In your final formal writing assignment, you will construct a comparative analysis wherein you compare (and contrast) one text rendered by two different mediums: a novella and a film. According to our Composition Guide, “a comparison/contrast paper may be structured in at least 3 ways: (a) subject by subject, (b) point by point, or (c) a combination of method (a) and (b)…Many college instructors ask for classification in their writing assignments. An instructor might ask you to compare and/or contrast the styles (or subject matter) of two different authors, or the strategies of two different generals, or the distinctiveness of two different painters (34). 1. In this essay, you will be comparing (and contrasting) Alan Duff's novel, Once Were Warriors, with Lee Tamahori's film Once Were Warriors. Choose one symbol like beer, Jake's fists, McClutchy's bar, Trambert's tree, windows, or the piano, that both the writer Duff, and the director Tamahori employ in their works. What is the significance of the symbol? How do Duff and Tamahori interpret this symbol? Do they use similar techniques to interpret the symbol? If not, how do they differ in their interpretations and why? 2. Make sure you support your argument with direct quotes from the novel, Once Were Warriors, and from at least one secondary source. Remember to cite the page numbers when quoting. 3. pre-writing exercise Audience: Your professor All papers must be typed and double-spaced without using unnecessarily large margins or fonts. Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length. source..
Comparative Analysis of Novel and Film “Once Were Warriors’
The film and the novel represent the life of Maori family in urban ghettos and the tribulation these families face. Beth had left her small town and married Jake though her parents disapproved the marriage. The family lived in the slums and had six children. The interpretation of once were warriors in both the film and the novel the life and belonging to Maori being tested. Beth is more tied to the Maori tradition and she relates to the old ways of life while her husband Jake is an interpretation of what some of Maori people has become (Thompson). Beth is seen trying to reform herself and her family as she has forgone drinking to save money she would spent on alcohol. She finds it difficult to restore this principle and lapses back to drinking irresponsibly. The family is disconnected to the western culture and learning, as no one who attends school apart from Grace, who is interested in learning as depicted from both the film and the novel.
Jake is unemployed and most of the time is spent in a pub drin...
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