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midterm essay (Essay Sample)

Each response is examined for its clarity, its comprehension of concepts covered in past presentations, and its proof of the events included in the plays read. Please write at least a 250 word response to each question and offer complete support with examples from theory and plays. The upcoming midterm will aim to synthesize the following forms of analysis: Aristotle's “The Poetics” Freytag's Pyramid Egri's “Premise” “Backwards & Forwards” Analysis of Director - The midterm will also aim to compare the following plays: Oedipus the King Hamlet Tartuffe A Doll's House - 1. Compare Aristotle's "The Poetics" and Freytag's Pyramid. What rules may overlap in these concepts? What is different about the focus in each analysis base? Which one is better for today's plays? 2. Compare the premises for each of the plays covered in the first half of the semester, and prove which ONE carries the most impact in today's society and why. 3. "Oedipus is a better man than Hamlet." Defend or deny. 4.In exploring Tartuffe which analysis method is most helpful: The Poetics, Freytag, Backwards & Forwards, or Premise? Why? 5. How might a director re-examine A Doll's House in today's society? Describe how YOU would update this play to make it relevant for today's society. Your production would take place in 2010 and have modern costumes and retain the language exactly as written. source..
Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Midterm Essay Compare Aristotle's "The Poetics" and Freytag's Pyramid. What rules may overlap in these concepts? What is different about the focus in each analysis base? Which one is better for today`s plays? According to Freytag`s Pyramid, the plot (plan) of the play is based on the following. A diagram of theatrical arrangement showing complication and emotional anxiety, which is rising like one side of a pyramid ending towards its peak hence representing the climax of the action. Immediately the climax is over, the descending side of the pyramid portrays the fall in tension and complication and the play reaches its conclusion. A sample chart is available whereby Freytag designed the chart in order to discuss tragedy though it can be applied to many kinds of literature. Climax Rising Action Falling Action Exposition denouement Freytag Pyramid Freytag has also used exposition to sum up background material rather than revealing this information using gradual narrative details. Generally, this tool is considered unartful, more purposely when creative writer`s contrast showing and telling. For instance, a certain writer might use exposition by writing, "Rose was annoyed when she left the room and climbed in to her saloon car outside." This sentence tells us about Rose, for instance, using exposition. However, the writer might change this sentence in the following version. "Red faced with nostrils flaring, Rose banged the door and trudged over to her saloon car outside." According to this sentence, the writer is depicting Rose antagonism rather than using exposition to tell the audience she is annoyed. Climax/crisis: This refers to the moment in a play when the crisis reaches its position of maximum intensity and it is thus resolved. Here, it refers to the peak of emotional reply from a person who reads or spectator. At the climax of the dram...
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