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Physician Dr. Marian Alonzo: Interview (Essay Sample)

I will send you the topic as soon as possible Details: 1. How/where was your interview conducted? (online, FTF (face-to-face), over the phone, etc.) 2. Whom did you interview? What is his/her profession? 3. If FTF or over the phone, did you use a tape recorder or take notes? If so, share what you observed/learned during the process of using/doing either. 4. If you conducted your interview online, were you able to get the information you needed in one exchange, or were additional messages exchanged for clarification, etc? Share how the online format worked for you – would you have preferred to meet face to face? Why or why not? 5. In at least two fully developed paragraphs, please share specific details about how the interview process unfolded. Did you stick to your prepared format or did it quickly become apparent you needed to slightly or drastically change your intended plans for the interview? Do you feel like you ended up getting the information you hoped to obtain? 6. What, if anything, did you learn about the best way to get an interviewee to provide pertinent and useful information? 7. Were there any surprises (good or bad) during the interview process? 8. Share what you learned about the benefit of open-ended/neutral questions. 9. Provide specific details about what specific information provided you will incorporate into your final research paper. 10. If you conduct another interview somewhere down the road, what areas will you work more on (examples: neutral and/or open-ended questions, more thorough preparation/planning)? 11. Share anything else you learned/experienced that might be of interest to your classmates and/or the instructor. source..
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The interview was carried out online via email which was accompanied by a number of chats. The interviewee was Dr. Marian Alonzo MD who is a physician. I was able to gather the required information fully due to the presence direct chats. Other additional materials/readings were also sent besides giving the appropriate directions where some of the materials could be obtained. For instance, Dr. Marian happens to operate a website which is very resourceful on issues concerning health. The website is known as which has information that patients can utilize instead of consulting the doctors all the time. The online format was also appropriate as it was possible to open various tabs while following the Physician directives. I would have preferred a face to face communication but such intellects are usually busy and so is the doctor. It was therefore quite impossible to have a scheduled times and place to meet.
We had an agreement previous on the scheduled time which happened to be on May 10 at exactly 8 pm. The time allocated was appropriate as the presumption was that the doctor would at home and appropriate place with a computer. Mostly, that would be suitable as the doctor would...
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