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The Harsh Reality And Examples Of Euphemism (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on Examples of Euphemism


Euphemism is one of those expressions which shows us the harsh reality of this world. But before we give out examples on euphemism, it is best first to understand what it is and famous examples we usually hear in society.
To start off, euphemism are words which express blunt responses in a not-so-harsh way, basically it's to give words a dark undertone. Though to be honest, euphemism is basically a substitute for someone to be a “bitch” without appearing like one according to some.
Now, let us not dwell into that and simply dive into the examples euphemism can give us.
Euphemism Examples
Some euphemisms, as stated earlier is to express the unpleasant truth in a less difficult-to-digest manner or harsh one. Some examples include the following:
1 Passed away instead of died or other words such as departed or even moved on
2 Rehabilitation centers or correctional facility instead of jail or an asylum
3 Differently-abled instead of the normal PWD or handicapped people
4 Ethnic purification instead of the condemned word, “genocide”
5 Negative patient outcome instead of the departed or death of a patient
6 Relocation center which is a subtle hint for prison camp
7 Put to sleep which was, I believe a poor excuse of a word, for euthanasia
8 Termination of pregnancy which lowkey meant abortion
9 On the streets or wandering about for those who are homeless
Now there are different examples of euphemism for being polite as well. These include the following:
1 Au natural or birthday suit instead of saying a person is naked
2 Adult beverages or drinks which represents beer or other forms of liquor
3 Comfort woman which is just another meaning for prostitute
4 Adult entertainment, a favorite term used by the elderly to replace pornography
5 Domestic engineer instead of a maid or a house helper
6 Sanitation engineer instead of truthfully saying a garbage man
7 A tad slow, a famous phrase to tell someone they are slow in catching up with things or is an

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