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King Lear: Dramatic Techniques To Affect Audience's Experience (Essay Sample)


Read the quote below, identifying the characters and the context. Then using the following guiding questions, discuss the passage:
What is the significance of this passage?
What dramatic techniques are used, and how do they affect the audience's experience with the play?
How does this scene build the play going forward?
Which Elements of Fiction (Plot, Character, Setting, Point of View, Style, and/or Theme) and Layers of Critical Thinking (Narrative, Aesthetic, Mechanical, Dynamic, and/or Connections) work together to give this excerpt significance?


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March 16, 2018
Mock IOC Excerpt 2: King Lear
The passage taken from Act 4, Scene 2 of King Lear, portrays the affair between Goneril and Edmund. As we can recall from the story, Goneril is one of the treacherous daughters of King Lear and the wife of Albany. However, as Albany defected from the “bad guys” Goneril started being attracted and having affair with the villainous Edmund rather than his husband whom she noted as ‘cowardly'. All in all, the plot, character, and symbolism in this passage works together to give the readers an insight about Goneril's character.
The first part of the passage portrays Edmund and Goneril talking to each other when Oswald (one of their servants) went outside to inform her about her husband's response to the impending war. Oswald proceeded and said that Albany “smiled at it. I told him you were coming; His answer was “The worse. Of Gloucester's treachery” (Shakespeare and Furness). In line with this, I believe that this narrative uses a poetic device called “metonymy”, which is the use of a particular word referring to something else instead ( Particularly speaking, “The Worse” does not only refer to the consequences of Gloucester's actions that led to the war. This also connotes Albany's dislike for the crim

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