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Final Examination Essay (Essay Sample)


For your final examination please write a minimum 750 word essay in an examination booklet based, in part, on your response to the either of the attached essays: Jonathan Rauch's "Be Not Afraid" or Robert D. Kaplan's "Warming to Iran." Your essay should contain a thesis that states your specific opinion on the issue of threat perception or our relations with Iran. Having established a thesis in the first paragraph, smoothly transition into an approximately 100- word summary of your chosen essay, followed by an approximately 200-word evaluation of that essay, and rounded out with an approximately 450-word argument that supports your thesis. Please title your essay and skip every other line as you write in blue or black ink. Be sure to support your thesis with several carefully developed points and/or examples. You will wish to use a few direct quotations (using in-text MLA style), but excer,t for the essay you choose, do no do outside research for this examination. Rather, rely on your own experience, reason, and conclusions. You may use a dictionary and a thesaurus ifyou wish during the examination, but no other materials. Spelling and grammar count, and the content should indicate the thoughtful preparation and attention expected of university students.

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Final Examination Essay
The relations between US and Iran have not been friendly from the fall of the Shia government. Relations between the two countries are transitioning to friendly terms where the US seeks an ally in Iran as well as Iran to the US. Diplomatic efforts are on the way but the US has to consider other friendly allies such as Israel and Saudi Arabia in the negotiations. Iran is strategically placed and the foreign policies between the countries give vital advantages to these countries. The foreign policies are a necessity to these countries. While the US will have better ties in resources and communications, Iran will have better foreign economic ties and hence strengthen its unstable economy.
The Middle East or Indo-Pacific area is the critical region in the world that contains most of the world's resources such as oil. It hosts the world's important sea lines to communication and has the world's strongest powerhouse countries such as Japan, China, and Korea. The region has many allies to the US and other alliances formed in consequence of former alliances. Therefore, the US seeks a strong alliance to the Middle East who will defend the US against the Chinese naval expansion activities. The alliance comes in the wake of changing culture, geography, natural resource supply chain, economics, and military achievements. As the world changes including climate change and global warming, new alliances and unions also form.
Despite the ties the US has with Israel, the eventual ties between the two countries will fulfill interests the two countries share. Israel occupied the same position as Iran when President Richard Nixon was in the White House. The Obama administration would consider the ties that existed before nullifying the existence of the union from both moral and strategic terms. Nevertheless, the role of Israel in the Middle East as well as Saudi Arabia's can cripple the degree of rec...
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