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Great Expectations (Essay Sample)


Dickens' Great Expectation. Write an essay on the entire novel.
You also need to read the two articles on Dickens' novel as attached.
Please write about the novel and read all documents attached and use them. 
Great Expectation by Charles Dickens novel is the primary source. Please reference the novel and the articles attached in MLA Format.
Thank you.

Great Expectations
Great Expectations generally is a novel that portrays a psychological development of the central character and thus has been termed as bildungsroman. However, it is important to note that Great Expectations like Dickens's other novels, does not conform to one particular genre. It is a story of love and passion as well as a narrative that functions as a thoughtful social commentary. The beginning of the novel deals with marshes situated in the flat and dowdy countryside. The author points out the cultural, social and moral deprivations of a village life where the main character stems from.
A number of literature scholars have reviewed Great Expectations by Dickens based on varied contexts. One particular scholar who has reviewed this novel is Jay Clayton in his article "Is Pip Postmodern." The scholar reviews the novel based on the era it was published. This paper gives a summary of great expectations, explores the main themes of the novel and finally explores Clayton's review of Great Expectations.
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is a book that tells the story of Pip, a young orphan who had been living with his older sister and her husband Joe. Pip knows that in future he will end up being a blacksmith just like his brother in law whom he is living with. However, an anonymous benefactor settles a lavish allowance for him which makes him to travel to London where he starts a new life in a totally alien society to him. His new found fortune and his love for Estella, his childhood friend changes his perception about people and life in many ways. He starts to be more ashamed of his humble background. The narration by Dickens of the main character's (Pip) journey through life as well as his change of perception are some of the elements that Dickens uses to express his main theme namely social class.
Social Class
Great expectations was published in 1861 which was an era of the 'self-made man'. During this time, society was strictly layered according to their social class. Dickens did not like the impact that social class had on the society and therefore he campaigned against such occurrence in the society through his works. During this period, there was also a great need among people to improve the living conditions that the poor found themselves. Dickens supported social reforms greatly especially in education and prisons.
One important theme in the novel Great Expectations is how Pip is uneasy about social class. In spite of his low birth, Pip is ambitious and becomes a rich young man. He starts interacting with people from the middle and high classes. This is what gives Dickens the prospect of commenting on the socio-economic issues that existed in Georgian and Victorian England, and how they impacted on the different classes of people in the society. This novel is therefo...
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