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Good People Country (Essay Sample)


Please Read the attachment instructions and 
In Order to do the Essay for any Topics you will need the book so please fellow the instructions that's been provided. The Story is on page 264 if you don't have the book I think it's on Youtube as audio MAKE IT'S CALLED (GOOD COUNTRY PEOPLE)
You Must At least Choose three bullet questions FROM THE INSTRUCTION PAPER or more to answer for the topic you choose.
The Book Is called "The College Writer" (A guide to thinking,Writing,and researching)5th Edition
By: Guide VanderMey.Meyer.Van Rys.Sebranek

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Good People Country
The first part of this paper analyzes the irony or significance of the characters’ names as they relate to their circumstances and characterization. First thing to notice in the story is that the characters’ names have symbolic meanings. Mrs. Freeman (meaning “free man”) works as a tenant farmer for Mrs. Hopewell; however, Mrs. Freeman is somebody who is not free because she works, but oppressed by Hopewell (VanderMey, Meyer, Van Rys and Sebranek 126). Kitchen is the dwelling place for Mrs. Freeman where she can claim to own. Mrs. Hopewell (her name means “hope well”) is a dedicated Christian and a positive minded woman. She is a landlord and a divorcee. Her name “Hopewell” suggests her hopes for positive things to occur to all people. She is kind and believes that everybody has weakness and nothing is perfect in the world. She likes encouraging people on the positive side of things. Nevertheless, her conversations reveal how her talks are empty and nonsensical.
Joy/Hulga is 32 years old and still lives with her mother (Hopewell). Joy earned PHD in philosophy that made her feel superior to others. Her name “Joy” represents happiness in which she enjoyed before involved in a hunting accident. She later changed her name preferring to be called Hulga implying ugliness. The accident left her ugly and now she is using a wooden leg. Besides that, Mrs. Freeman has two daughters (Glynese and Carrernae). Carrernae is 15 years old, married and also pregnant, but still has many admirers meaning that she is very beautiful. Although, Glynese and Carrernae are not highly educated, they are good in creating relationships with and relating to men (VanderMey, Meyer, Van Rys and Sebranek 127). Glynese is not married by somebody working in a big office, but by a preacher. The characters of the two girls illustrate how they are good in relating to men.
Manley Pointer is a Bible salesman. He appears quite simple and honest person to Hopewell and Hulga. His name “Manly” suggests a strong honest man while “Pointer” implies how effective he points out things to Hulga. Nevertheless, Manly Pointer is not a man of God; he is a conman and a liar. The Bible that he carries is hollow containing whiskey, condoms, and obscene playing cards. It turns out that Manly Pointer is not an honest person.
The second part of the paper discusses how actions of some characters depict a form of blindness. Lack of awareness or blindness can be seen in the story. Hopewell and Hulga lack experience or insight to eliminate their naivety and ignorance, and it can be seen that they are suffering from their consequences. They are not aware of the fact that they are naïve and simple minded, though they believe that they are very wise more than others.
Hopewell believes in nonsensical and simple clichés and misconceptions that she converses daily with Mr...
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