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Film Review and Analysis Writing Assignment: The Crow (Essay Sample)


In this essay , i must choose any film and review it with analysis . Analysis of the themes,colors,music,taste,smell,feelings and emotions it makes me feel. ( so basically trying to analyse everything possible.) You choose any film you would like to analyse and you must include the name and general information of the film in the essay. so i am reviewing the film and analysing it as well. put the name of the movie in the title so i know which film you choose. please make double sure to have zero plagiarism.


Film Analysis: The Crow
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Film Analysis: The Crow
Information and feelings about a movie do not depend on words and actions alone. Many issues contribute to building up the general view and taste of films. Character combination themes, colors ignite jumbled feelings for the movie. Some are emotions of hatred or love, sorrow or happiness. It is worth noting that these emotions do not appear uniform to everybody. It depends on people's strength and their emotional balance. For this paper, a film analysis takes into account The Crow, with a setting in Europe and the Middle East. It fitfully changes the scenes to make the viewer agree with the facts about the harsh conditions of life and environment the people stay (Lee & Huddson, 2001). It also has changed of events and actions to capture attention. Here are a few facts and implications of the film to viewers.
Alex Proyas directed the film in 1994, combining the actions of war and violence, peace and tranquility. David Schow and other writers organized a comedy book into this movie. It starts with the death of Brandon Lee while recording a segment of the movie. Later a hero returns from death after the murder of couples who in the next day were to wed. The gods appeared to be unhappy with these sufferings of the man on earth. Lee comes back a year after the burial to torment the killers. This causes the first turn of events because of the immortality nature of the ghost. Bullet retaliation does not seem to be the right solution. It results in minor injuries. As in most films, such revenge missions fail, in what signifies a balance of powers of the living and the dark gods. Lee dies, and special graphic editions and effects add up to complete the film.
Violence in the movie indicates what most societies in the world would have accepted to be true. A couple dying on the eve of their wedding demoralizes people, friends and family members in high measure. In most cases, people witness the death of one partner as a revenge mission by another suitor who would have wished to marry one of them. The death of a woman would signify revenge to Lee by some other woman. If Lee were killed, most people would say an ex-girlfriend was responsible for their death (Lee & Huddson, 2001). The double tragedy would bring any man or woman down with emotions. More violence exists between the living and the dead. Lee comes back to find who murdered her fiancée. He sets the stage to deal with the feline creature that had the idea at first.
Marriage plans points to bonds of love of two people. Most films use this as a way to capture the viewer's attentions. They are aware love is strong and elusive. The effect of romance is the luring power it has over the human mind. It is possible to have people act in different ways, but the presence of love will attract the people more (Lee & Huddson, 2001). However, for this case, it doubles up to represent what the society looks like. It is a sign of progress when people plan to have families. The guard is likely to change from one generation to the next.
Apart from these aspects of analysis that the writer intends to have for the viewers, the cinematographer uses different colors to draw attention. The scenes in the original clips are mixed. There is a change of colors that seem to dim and tend to the darkest. These are a show of the events changing from the love affair between the two people, Lee and the fiancée, up to their death. The film director does not stop at the introduction but extends to different scenes like when Lee comes back for his revenge mission. Dark colors are a resemblance of extreme cases of either violence or sorrow. Blood would take up red, as death will have black. Colors and scenes go hand in hand (Lee & Huddson, 2001). The...
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