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News that stays news (Essay Sample)

Write an essay in which you illustrate how the author's works you've chosen are examples of News that stays news.Give readers examples from your personal experence.If the author is less known you will be writing an illustrative essay with a persuasive angle- that people (should now consider)the work of your chosen author as ( news that stays news ) Times New Roman, 12 point (The author I have chosen is Barbara Johnson-Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy) source..
Date: 06th February 2011.
News that stays news:Barbara Johnson-Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy
The statement news that stay news is used to describe works of literature that remains relevant and significant through many generations as its content can relate to its readers despite being from a different generation as the author of the literature. This implies that such kind of work ca be read by readers from different ages and still derive a relevant information from them. For instance if read by a youth the information obtained is different when read by an adult at fifty years of age but the good is that the content inside still remains as news to both readers.
For example the book entitled Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy by Barbara Johnson was written in early 1990’s but readers from different generations can relate to it and hence termed as news that stay news. The book touches on various emotional issues that resonate in every reader who has ever known disappointments or even tensions that result from unhappy life. The book is devotional as well as funny and invites women to making small changes in their lives through the spread of humor and laughter. In addition to being funny the book touches on inspirational issues that laughter can bring or make lives pf people better.
Therefore the book inspires any reader who has ever had a real crisis in their life that made them to believing that they will nev...
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