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Feminism in South Africa (Essay Sample)

I would suggest to write about Feminism in South Africa. Please write an outline (Thesis statement and the topic sentence of each paragraphs) and sent it to me. I want to make sure everything right and match on this assignment first. The paper must include at least two outside sources in addition to the novel Thirteen Hours (at least 3 total sources) ASSIGNMENT Using one of the literary theories we've covered in class (Gender or Feminism Analysis, Marxism, New Historicism, or Psychoanalytical Theory), write an interpretation of Thirteen Hours. For example, with Gender or Feminism, you could analyze how masculinity or femininity is defined and emulated by characters in the book. What makes a man a man and what makes a woman a woman, according to the characters? With Marxism, you can analyze class structures in place and how the book either perpetuates the status quo OR seeks to disrupt it. With New Historicism, you can place the book squarely within modern South Africa's culture and history and discuss the ways that it engages in the political, social, and cultural ideas and trends of post-apartheid South Africa. With psychoanalytical theory, you could analyze how characters' repressed desires emerge and cause different characters to behave in certain ways. Please note that plot summary alone is an insufficient method of making your argument. Remember, like any essay, you need a strong thesis statement, strong topic sentences that support the thesis statement, and supporting details. source..
Thirteen Hours: Feminism in South Africa
The issue of feminism and gender equality has for a long time lingered in the minds of many women especially in contemporary South Africa. Women have struggled over the years in an attempt to attain political and cultural identity with varying degrees of success and failure. In general, women in many countries African countries have relentlessly fought for their rights, and they continue to fight against gender discriminatory practices such as unfair exclusion and control even in affairs that directly affect them. Nevertheless, the main stumbling block is attributed to the African cultures since a vast majority of them view feminism as inferior in relation to masculinity. In addition, most of these cultures hold strong beliefs with regard to gender specific roles. Many are restrictive to women’s roles since they define the position of women as simply being mothers and wives and thus, the issue of gender equality continues to be a major challenge.
Not surprisingly enough, the South African culture portrays men as being dominant over women. Women are portrayed as inferior to men and are expected to submit to their husbands. Moreover, this culture dictates that women are dependent on men and cannot survive independently. Years have gone by and many Africans are now literate. However the perception of men being greater than women seems to have a strong foothold in Africa. There are a few women who have liberated themselves but face constant opposition and hatred from fellow women who are enslaved to some blind African culture. In the book Thirteen Hours by Deon Meyer, the struggles women go through in their quest and endeavor to find equality is clearly brought to light. For instance, Mbali Kaleni is considered weird and unacceptable simply because she is independent on her life and has worked hard not to rely on men. By going against the expectations of the society, this character ...
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