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Critical analyses of two sites (Essay Sample)

for this paper you will compile a bibliography of internet sites concerning ancient Greece and Rome, using the format for internet citations in the MLA handbook or an equivalent style guide. Also write one page critical analyses of two sites; in addition to brief description of the site, you should include an evaluation, discussing aspects such as inclusiveness,usefulness, documentation, user-friendliness, etc. Finally, you will summarize the results of your research by comparing and contrasting the two sites you analyzed and briefly discussing what you learned from this assignment. source..
Critical analyses of two sites
The internet has all sorts of information in all fields we know about. However, some are correct, relevant, true, and others can not be relied upon. It is therefore significant to have ways of distinguishing them and know which among them you can use. The information in the site can be analyzed through checking their credibility, accuracy, reasonableness and if there is any supportive information towards the site. Before that, it is not advisable to jump to any information given on the net and use as scholarly material.
In credibility, one identifies whether the authors supports the information he has given through identifying their names, their qualifications, and their contacts if have not be warned. In accuracy, one is concerned with the origin of the material, looking on whether there are other materials that support the same information, the information should be clear and easy to understand, the date of publication should be given, and the information should be relevant to the subject and updated.
In addition, the site should have information which is reasonable. By this I mean; check the domain type (.com, .gov, .org, .edu), try to evaluate the main aim of the page, for example, is the author educating or marketing services, identify if there are any contradicting points of view being acknowledged by the author, and check if the author uses insulting language. And finally, determine if there are any other sites that support the information given on that site. When it comes to this, check for the availability of references, any supportive statistics to the given information, and any important information the authors may have left.
In this paper, I am comparing and contrasting two internet sites with informations concerning the ancient Greece and Rome. The ancient Greece website talks about the ancient Greece and its home page has sub-headings; life around the town, careers, history and government, daily life, education and culture, warfare, mythology and Greek people where the users can click to view the relevant information they need. It has a bibliography and other interlinked sites that have the same relevant information. The date of publication is given, and the contacts of the authors incase a need to follow up something or comment arises. It has a home tab button where the users can easily navigate to where they started. The site contains information that is relevant, accurate and well supported information by many other sites. It is site one can use to write an academic paper....
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