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FairyTales and Morals Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


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Fairy Tales are stories we are told as kids, which means we grow up with the sometimes implied sometimes overt “morals” of the story… these things becoming rooted in our subconscious from a young age and often impact the way we see the world until we are told otherwise.
Choose a fairy tale and find as old of a version of it as you can. Compare to how we tell that tale now (if your tale doesn’t have a modern version of it you can compare to similar stories or explain what you believe would be changed now). What are some of the moral (or immoral) implications of the original story? What kind of impact did that have on people at the time the story was told? How has the story updated with the morals of today and/or has the updated version helped shift our morals today?


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January 7, 2021
Fairytales and Morals
Understanding the context and morals of fairytales is important, not only for children but also for historians. This is because fairytales are usually targeted towards shaping the individuals' morals (especially the youth), which then suggests the norms and moral prescriptions relative to each period.
Accordingly, one of the most famous and interesting fairytales that existed was the story of Cinderella. This tale about finding one's love and living happily ever after has shaped countless individuals' hearts and minds around the world. However, contrary to what most people think, this story has existed as early as the 6th century (at least what records provide). Accordingly, upon comparing both the old and the new version of the fairytale, I believe that even though both of them follow the same moral compass, society's changes reflect how the elements are portrayed in each version.

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