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English 11 Unit 4 Essay: Narrative Of The Life Of Fredrick Douglas (Essay Sample)


Everything You Need to Know for Finals!JuniorsYour Essay Question: See the Essay Prompt File for details or below. I've copied and pasted for your convenience. - Within your essay, Use at least 2 of the persuasive appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) and highlight them in yellow.- Also in your essay, utilize at least two of the rhetorical devices from Unit 1. Highlight these in pink.- We will not be assessing your knowledge of logical fallacies or literary movements within the essay. You should know them anyway. AnaphoraRepetitionHyperboleImagery/Sensory detailAllusion
o Metaphor
- Simile
Choose two or more rhetorical device
Need to use two persuasive appeals
English 11 Unit 4 Essay Assessment Writing Prompt
On your Unit 4 Assessment, you will have 30 minutes to write a 4 (college prep) or 5 (honors) paragraph essay response to the following prompt. You will be scored on all of the following: Your demonstration of knowledge over the past unitYour grammar, punctuation, and sentence structureYour ability to create and prove a holistic major claim in response to the promptYour ability to follow the ITS REALLY FUN writing structure
You will be able to bring a printed or written out outline of one page if you would like to that may have your major claim, minor claims, and evidence. You may write down and use quotes as evidence if you'd like, but to do so is not necessary. You will not have access to The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass during the assessment, so any evidence or quote you would like for reference must be on printed/written outline. 
Writing Prompt
Based on our class discussions and reading, how would you define freedom? How does The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass portray freedom and slavery? Use the context of the reading and your knowledge of the historical time period in which Frederick Douglass was written.


Final essay
Freedom is defined as having the ability to do whatever one wants, and whenever one wants. However, the concepts of freedom and slavery are presented in different ways in various slave narratives. In The Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglas, Douglas narrates events critical to his transformation from being a slave to a free person. Even though slavery was legal in some parts of the country, Douglas defines freedom as the ability to conflict with the opposition, presenting the ideas of truth and justice.
The narrative of the life of Fredrick Douglas presents extensively how Fredrick gained his freedom before he could travel north. When defining slavery and freedom, he recounts the hardships he underwent and the meaning of freedom from his point of view. The first moment that changed his life is when he learns to read, a practice many slaves did not know. Douglas learns to read because it would make him useless to be a slave. He wanted not to be a slave; Douglas believed that by taking charge of his education, he would be free (Adams 1924).
His narration changes from a biography to a dialect when he explores the oppression including how social institution promoted slavery. To further describe slavery, Douglas uses imagery

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