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Eng 100: Three Ways to Improve Writing (Essay Sample)


Format: Same requirements as all of your essays:

o Required word count (1250 words for this essay) o Times New Roman 12 font

o Double Line Spacing Essay (Outline Single Line Spacing) o Indented Paragraphs (1/2 inch) o Title Centered at the Top (use correct capitalization) o FIVE or more Strong Paragraphs

> Be sure to begin with an introductory paragraph that has a hook to catch the reader’s attention, gives background or another method of connection to introduce the thesis statement, and that ends with a well-defined, well-organized thesis statement.

> Each body paragraph should begin with a transitional expression in a well-organized topic sentence. Try to link your paragraphs by referring to previous ideas for a smooth transition between paragraphs.

^ Each body paragraph should include at least one example from one o-f your portfolio writings.

> Your concluding paragraph should begin with a transitional expression signaling the conclusion, include a summary of the main body points covered, and end with a strong concluding statement that frames the essay.

> Submit your 2nd (Final) Draft with complete writing process stapled beneath in the same order we have been doing all semester. Place your Reflection Essay in the right pocket and your other writings on the left (include COMPLETE WRITING PROCESS: Prewrite, Outline, First Draft Peer Evals, Other Drafts). Remember to use the chapters in your text and items we worked on this semester in class to revise heavily on your first draft and that you are responsible for making your own revisions throughout the whole essay.

> This is in place of a final exam. There will be no further revisions, so be sure you do that yourself, and make this essay submission your best ever!


Course Code: Eng 100
Three Ways to Improve Writing
This course has had an immense impact on my writing and I have learned several techniques and strategies to improve my writing. I have also come to know some of my weaknesses and mistakes I make in my writing and how to address them. I have also discovered my strengths and how I can use them to do better quality work. In this essay, I have discussed some of the things I have learnt in this class and applied them as a measure to ensure I continue to improve my writing skills.
One of the lessons I have learnt is the importance of researching extensively and from credible sources. The integrity of the content of an essay is a derivative of good research and understanding of the subject. Extensive reading is a good way to improve your writing. It helps you to have knowledge on the subject and understand how best to approach it. You cannot write on what you do not know. A well-read writer has a better handle on vocabulary, understands the nuances of language, and recognizes the difference between poor and quality writing. Therefore, reading extensively on personal topics of interest and trying to understand the authors' writing styles and the content helps you gain and external perspective on how to improve your writing. Over time, your writing skills improves from learning from other writers' mistakes and learning how they frame their content for specific audience. For each work, find credible sources and read extensively on the topic whilst making notes to aid you in your writing. Weave the sources into your work and remember to cite appropriately lest it amounts to plagiarism. Avoid too many quotes and use the sources only to support your ideas where appropriate. Your grammar will generally improve if you read widely. A human brain is like a sponge and can absorb a lot of knowledge which can be used to articulate your points precisely and clearly. Therefore, a sure way to improve your writing is to fine authors who resonate with your genre and read their work because it will help you to significantly improve your writing skill. As you read more, you have to write continuously. To perfect your writing skills, you have to practice. Exercise your writing muscle to build them. As you write, you continuously improve your grammar and ways of framing your content. You also learn from your own mistakes and learn new ways of doing the same thing. Find more topics from your reading to write about and try to apply the skills you have learnt.
I also learnt the importance

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