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Dental Clinic And The Use Of Social Media (Essay Sample)


There were many different online tools to help a person get something done. These were grouped into:
1)Buying and Selling Stuff Online
2)Online Research
3)Online Media
4)More Tips
Pick one item from each group based on your readings. Tell me in a word processing document formatted as a report about each one you chose and how each could be used for the job you envision yourself having, providing examples.
What is expected could look something like:
“What is the Sharing Economy?” What is a service you would use for the clinic, what does it do, and in what ways would it be useful.
“Effective Research with Wikipedia” One might search on a subject relevant to the hospital to learn more about that topic and they provide caveats about what was learned.
“What is a Podcast?” How could podcasts be useful to your business or industry? What is one you listened to relevant to your business or industry? What was it about and why was it relevant?
“Make Travel Plans” Where is a place you would travel to for hospital, what purpose would the trip be made for, provide a sample flight itinerary for a trip the following month with a return flight 7 days later.
VERY IMPORTANT>Each item would be approximately one-quarter of a page in length (minimum), some copying and pasting is expected. Remember, provide links to each source/tool used.


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Dental Clinic and Social Media

This research report examines the use of social media for dental clinics, specifically for the following items: Buying and selling stuff online, Online research, and Online media. I will try to describe how each could be used for my job as a dental practitioner. In addition, I will describe the use of social media for dental health-related purposes and explains the impact of such technology on dental health.

Theory and Constructs Related to Technology Acceptance Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) Venkatesh, Morris, Davis, and Davis (2003) integrated eight models, all of which were previously used in the literature, to assess the use or adoption of social media technologies in dental clinics . According to the authors, their unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) will open the door to understand what drives the use of technology and help to focus on the theory constructs that play a role in the acceptance of technology in the dental industry.

Buying and selling stuff online

In UTAUT, the researchers integrated the theory of reasoned action, the theory of planned behavior, the technology acceptance model, the combined model of technology acceptance, theory of planned behavior, the motivational model, the model of PC utilization, and the innovation diffusion theory. Out of these theories and models, UTAUT borrows and integrates constructs to explain “behavioral intention” and “use behavior variables” (Venkatesh et al., 2003). This unified theory has three constructs that predict behavioral intention toward the acceptance of buying and selling stuff online: performance expectancy, effort expectancy, and social influence. The remaining construct, which is the facilitating conditions, and behavioral intention to use social media for oral health purposes predict the usage behavior of information technology a health educator believes that using social media will help him or her to attain gains in the performance of health education related tasks. Social influence also correlates with behavioral intention, and according to Venkatesh et al. (2003).

Online Research

Numerous studies have indicated that the social media is the fastest growing communication methods in healthcare. The growth of Internet acceptance is expected to rise in upcoming years because of the wide usability of smartphone devices and applications, such as social networks, chat tools, and games. Recent research by the Social Media Measurement & Standards (2013), indicated that social media is the primary channel of online social interaction. Facebook is the third most visited

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