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Process of Psychological Transformation (Essay Sample)


Analyze a change or transformation that you see within your family (relatives or close friends) that has been or is occurring in any social, neighborhood, organizational, or individual experience. Explain and analyze the change, the transformation. 
Find and add a myth that shows what is happening in visual terms. Add the myth to your essay as you analyze this change. How does this change effect you OR your family or friends? 
Analyze transformation as discussed in at least one chapter of Woodman's The Pregnant Virgin. 
Add at least two other sources. One of these sources will be a reference to the myth.
**The transformation is when I left my country and came to the U.S, I'm international student from Kuwait. and the change I went through are the culture(Islamic), food (middle eastern), language (Arabic) and I left my family to live with friends which that not common in my country.
** for the myth I chose ( Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah) The old ruler of Kuwait and his story When he had to leave Kuwait because the war with Iraq and compare it with mine.
** and for Woodman's The Pregnant Virgin I will upload it and you have just quote one thing relate to the essay.
** the third source you can chose any thing but it easy to find like story in a web site or something like this.

Change and transformation and relevance of the Pregnant Virgin: a Process of Psychological Transformation
When people encounter other persons from a different culture there is bound to be culture shock especially if people do not share the same language. However, in order to look forward to the future there is a need for transformation and adjustments to take into account changes in life (Woodman 14). There is an element of one cherishing the past, but also wanting o move forward and mustering courage for the challenges lying ahead. In order to accept the challenges of growth there is a need to accept changes in life, as changes are natural. Nonetheless, because everyone has a cultural background there is a tendency to be afraid of uncertainty brought about by changes because of insecurities in life (Woodman 15). This essay focuses on changes that have occurred after experiencing American culture as an international Kuwaiti student in the U.S.
The first few days and weeks in a new environment there is anxiety and one is overwhelmed on what to expect. To begin with there was fear that living in America would be challenging, as I had to make new friends and adjust to American cuisines. Because of the cultural differences feeling homesick was one of the challenges before I could adjust to life as a Kuwaiti student in America. The curiosity and need to understand Arab culture from some of the students is overwhelming as there is an element of political correctness and one may not be sure on the intention of fellow students when asking questions or debating about culture. Despite the challenges faced by international students, there is excitement to explore new things in a more open society away from family and friends where it is easier to make choices without fear about the reaction of family and friends and the society.
The role of culture in influencing the lives of people affects the way people interact and communicate. Americans tend to be goal oriented and individualistic, while in Kuwaiti there is more emphasis on cooperation more than individualism. According to Woodman (14), there is a need for transformation since people who are stuck in a state of status might cling onto the past, and find it challenge to transition in different environments. Hence, it is necessary to understand how friendship and relations affect interaction in America, and through working more independently I have learned the value of having an independent mind when analyzing issues. Before coming to America there was emphasis on seeking approval to avoid going against the accepted norms. With time adapt and transition into college life in the U.S. while also understanding how to rely on body language and communication language to pass across messages.
The case of Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah the old ruler of Kuwait mirrors mine in some aspects. Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah was educated in Kuwait, but had to leave the country following the Gulf War. The Iraqi army was unable to capture the ruler as, Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah and the government escaped to Saudi Arabia (Casey, Thackeray & Findling 144). Even though, Saudi Arabia shares the same language and religion with Kuwaiti, leaving the home country ...
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