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Criticism Essay (Essay Sample)

Analysis Essay for " FENCES" by August Wilson using : Marxist Criticism & Reader Response Criticism Please see attachment !!! source..
Name Instructor Course Date Analysis of “FENCES” The play “FENCES” by August Wilson main focus is Troy Maxson, the 53 years old father who is struggling to provide for his family. Troy was a great baseball player during his youth having practiced in prison. This is due to an accidental murder he committed during a robbery. Troy did not break in the major league baseball because of the color barrier, and as a result he was unable to save enough for the future. He lives menial although a respectable life of trash collecting- amazingly crossing the race barrier by becoming a driver rather than a barrel lifter. The play reinforces the plight of black people on the basis of their social and economic conditions since they were perceived as lesser citizens and lowest of immigrants coming to the US. Many of the black people had migrated north to slavery free states, but were pushed aside instead of being welcome giving them the basest part of life. This is the life that is portrayed by Troy in the play with the fence being a symbol on societal and individual levels. Immediately the play is taking Troy in a seemingly happy life but becomes apparent later that, he has the feeling of failure and not happiness. This arises because of the differences between the whites and black people. When he takes a stand why black people are not allowed to drive, this makes him to become a driver; however, he does not appreciate. This is a portrayal of a great stride forward for all black people but still not enough. Troy is using the baseball metaphor with death rhetoric to warn his son Cory about his behavior, which causes Troy to kick his son to the street. The link between the metaphor and the death is demonstrated when Troy admits that his belief would be killed by playing baseball, and that he was cheated out of a special life that he had earned. This is enough of an injury to Troy during his time because he perceives baseball as being the death of his hopes and dreams, and therefore, he does not want his son to have the same disappointment. He perceives his son’s pursuit of his dreams as a mistake worth of warning because Troy believes that he will prevent Cory from reaching the same fate. The play “FENCES” has employed the symbolic theme to relate to actions of characters. Troy’s wife name is Rose the name of a flower. She is seen as a woman who ca...
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