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W.E.B. Du Bois: The Souls of Black Folk (Book Review Sample)

Your discussion/revieBOOK/ARTICLE REVIEW GUIDELINES 1. What is the subject matter of the reading? You may start with a broad contextualization of the subject matter, main idea, or argument. 2. What are the salient and auxiliary ideas, issues, and/or arguments? 3. Discuss each of the salient points/issues and their supporting facts or arguments. 4. Do you find these arguments, discussions, and expositions convincing? 5. What knowledge or experience of the issues, ideas, or events discussed in the reading do you have that supports your position above? 6. Evaluate the organization of the reading. Is it easy to understand? Note: The title of your review should be: the author and title of the reading being reviewed. __________ Your discussion/review should focus on the issues that are relevant to this course. For The Souls of Black Folk, these themes include the problems that Black America was facing forty years after the Emancipation as well as the solutions to them. Avoid exclusive focus on issues such as the Veil and Double Consciousness. Your essay should be well structured with discernible parts of: introduction, main body, and conclusion. You will be evaluated on the elements of content, structure, and writing mechanics. ____________ I had bought an essay from this site earlier. This is the feedback i got. Please keep this in mind when you are writing my essay. >>Your review is very well done and highlights very important ideas in the book. It is well written and edited. You followed the instructions of the assignment. My only concern about your work is that you relied heavily on the study material from the NEH. You cited everything very clearly, so I believe your intentions were more than honorable, but for the next review I would challenge you to rely on your own thoughts and words more. I think it's okay to use the study guides to get you started but try to rely less on the words of the study source..
W.E.B. Du Bois: The Souls of Black Folk
Du Bois` book, The Souls of Black Folk, talks about the rise of the middle class Blacks in America in the beginning of the twentieth century. It is a given knowledge that there was oppression on Black Americans long before even though they are now accepted as "Americans;. This is Du Bois` way of giving the larger society a picture of how the African-Americans are struggling through this oppression held against them. His masterpiece is considered as a major work of sociology on the subject of African-Americans. This book is a compilation of Du Bois` essays divided into different themes. These themes include his views on racial discrimination of the society, on education, religious stands, and individual stories in history.
One of the remarkable themes found in this book is the "Veil," which could be found in the "Forethought" chapter. Here, he uses the imagery of theVeil to refer to the differences of the points of view of the Whites and Blacks. He discussed that Whites and Blacks differ on their perception on different aspects of living, which conditions the differences and highlights ra...
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