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Black Women (Essay Sample)

I need a 3 pages essay on a poem black women which was written by leopold sedar senghor. And every santaza must be explained the way poet thought about it and there are two persons the spwaker and the poet. source..

Black Woman
University Introduction
The Poem by Leopold Sedar Senghor, Black Woman, praises the African Woman (Irele, 2007, p. 21). The poet mentions different aspects of the black woman that makes him happy. He is delighted by the skin of the black woman, her eyes, her behavior, and other aspects. Poetry is genre in literature that uses short phrases to express the ideas and feelings of the poet. In this case, Leopold Sedar Senghor uses poetry as a tool to express his feelings towards the black woman. This is essay is an analysis of the poem Black Woman by Leopold Sedar Senghor in which every stanza is explained the way the poet thought about it.
Black Woman
In the first stanza, Leopold Sedar Senghor gives a description of the black woman. He asserts that the black woman is dressed in her color and her form. He likes these features of the black woman because he says that her color is life and her form is beauty, “clothed in your color which is life itself, in your form which is beauty (Senghor, 2012, para 1)!” Leopold Sedar Senghor says that he was brought up by the black woman and she took good care of her. When he was very young, he did not realize how good the black woman was until he grew up just to realize how beautiful the black woman is. The poet speaks passionately about the black woman, which ultimately shows that he is in love with her. All his words and assertions in the first stanza praise the black woman, which is an expression of appreciation and love for the black woman. The poet is amazed by the caring character of the black woman, which makes him love her. All the features of the black woman including the color and the form entice him, which makes him love the woman.
In the second stanza, the poet woos the black woman. He fearlessly expresses his love to the black woman, “ripe fruit firm of flesh, somber ecstasies of black wine, mouth that moves my mouth to poetry” (Senghor, 2012, para 2). The poet p...
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