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Comparing and Contrasting Two Poets (Essay Sample)

i took a picture of the paper that was given in class and i would like you guys to right about Number 1 A, which is to compare and contrast a poem by Maya Angelou and Rita dove i have chosen a poem i \"still rise\" by Maya Angelou. thank you so much!!!!! source..
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Comparing and Contrasting Two Poets
Thesis: The research identifies comparisons and differences between the writing works of Maya
Angelou and Rita Dove. An exploration about their background, writing styles and
Themes will determine these comparisons and differences.
I. Angelou and Dove shared came from the same background setup but the status were quite
Maya Angelou’s background was full of distress and pain but contributed to her
Inspiration to put her strength in writing, resulting to a renowned poet.
(b) Rita Dove grew up with support from parents and identified her talent since
Childhood, extending her specialization through studies.
II. The poets’ writing can be identified as similar because of various themes that they shared probably because of their experiences and history of their origin.
Angelou and Dove have comprehensively spoken about racism and oppression and the way to overcome.
Dove becomes flexible, as she does not dwell on this color as she shifts after three lines and presents varieties of colors.
III. The writing styles and ideas of Angelou and Dove have similarities and slight differences.
The poetry genre carries many similarities as they both use symbolism, smooth and reconciliation tone, metaphors, among others.
Comparing and Contrasting Two Poets
There is so much to compare and contrast regarding two poets namely Maya Angelou and Rita Dove (Silver, 10). Their background status may have inspired or influenced their writing styles, themes and other aspects of poetry. Both Angelou and Dove are renowned poets or voices that have made a great difference in our contemporary world of poetry with their rich and creative writings. Angelou’s poem called ‘Still I Rise’ and Dove’s ‘Thomas and Beulah’ are usable and very effective in comparison and contrast of the two.
Some of the poetry works by Maya Angelou reflects her background status as well as upbringing. She was born on the fourth day of April in the year one thousand nine hundred and twenty eight at St. Louis Missouri. The origin of her family is said to have come from Sierra Leone in West Africa (Angelou, 3). The initial years of the life of Angelou were not rosy as they were filled with tragedy and disaster. Angelou represented a child born with great depression, as she came into the world during stressful times specifically for the African Americans. By the time she reached the age of three years, her parents divorced after which her father sent Angelou and her older brother to live with her paternal grandmother. During the years that Angelou spent with her grandmother, things worsened as the Great Depression season deepened accompanied by hunger because the grandmother’s store had also weathered due to economic crisis that existed. This could ex...
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