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Completion Marker: Practice Formal Paper (Essay Sample)

Completion Marker: Practice Formal Paper Read the short story "A&P" in our textbook, on pages 18-23. Write a five paragraph essay (Introduction, three Body paragraphs, and a Conclusion) in which you answer this question: Why, exactly, does Sammy quite his job? Quote from the story to support your interpretation. Book: Backpack Literature An introduction to fiction, poetry, drama, and writing 4th edition source..
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Why Sammy quit his job at A&P Introduction Sammy is a teenager working at the A & P store, where according to the story he is illustrated as a cashier. He is positioned at the third check-out slot with his back to the door. In the next check out slot is his colleague, Stokesie, who is much older than him, at twenty two years of age. Stokesie is married with two kids and has a dream of becoming a manager one day (Joseph and Gioia, 18). At the meat counter of the store is one McMahon. Lengel is the A&P manager and is very keen on details. On the day that Sammy finally decides to quit his job at the A&P stores, there happen to be three girls who come into the store, wearing nothing else than their bathing suits. This seems rather odd as most of the customers come in fully clothed in their casual wears. These girls, however, decided to come in with just bathing suits covering their bodies (Joseph and Gioia, 19). Although everyone else seems to have a hard time with the girls so scantily dressed, for Sammy it is ok and he...
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