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Closing Countries Of China And Japan (Year 1633 To 1639) (Essay Sample)


Closing Countries Of China And Japan (Year 1633 To 1639)

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Literature and Language
14 April 2017
Closing Countries of Japan and China
Between the year 1633 to 1639, there was a closure of Tokugawa which did not allow the majority of the trading activities to happen among them and other countries. The only trading they retained was with the Netherlands, China, and Korea. The shogunate was threatened mainly by the warships in 1853 when Commodore Perry allowed for this to happen.
Due to the threats that happened, the only ships with special permission were allowed to enter, and the Japanese were not allowed to leave Japan for at least 5 years. In 1634, they held on to this information and outside countries believed this. It was only in 1635 when the ships were given permission to enter Nagasaki, but the Netherlands and Chinese ships were still forbidden. The Japanese who left their country was not allowed to go back and the Portugese who were not traders had to leave Japan 1636. Three years after that, Portugese ships w...
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