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Cause and Effect (Essay Sample)

topic for the paper: Legalizing Drugs Cause and Effect essay. Double spaced. work cited at the end of the paper. source..
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Causes and Effects of Legalizing Drugs
Say no to drugs? This is the message that the anti-narcotics have been preaching in United States. The philosophy has been difficult to sell as drug life has become a routine in people’s lives. Neither the small nor the big has gone without noting the constant damaging effects of drugs. Banning of illegal drugs can be traced back to 1920s when the nation struggled with the banishment of alcohol. All forms of prohibition to stop further effects of illicit drug have failed. This is why some ideologists are of the opinion that legalizing use of drugs would solve the problem.
While giving his views on the issue, Thorton (2004) appealed to high ranking authority in United States to consider legalizing use and sale of drugs illicit drugs (Thornton 56). Due to the rising demand for illicit drugs, Thorton thinks prohibiting use of these drugs presents what ban on alcohol did in 1920s. The ban took away what to others was one of the America’s most priced possessions resulting in public uproar. In a similar manner, it seems inconvincible to control the cartels which deal in drugs. According to Hamil (2002), if one cartel is eliminated by the government, the suppliers find ways of selling their drugs elsewhere. Hamil, just like Thorton and many others believe that prohibiting narcotics has a similar problem that alcohol had in 1920s.
Cussen and Block (2000) further argue that legalizing drugs would see crime rates going down, lead to better quality of life in cities, stop spread of diseases, save tax payers money and prevent US civil liberties from further threats (Cussen and Block 125). The duo’s arguments are informed by the realization that market plays a central role in coordination of human activities. Legalizing of illicit drugs will therefore eliminate inconsistencies, ensure freedoms and boost government effectiveness in anti-drug beliefs. Since the present fight against drugs has bore no fruit, this new approach should be tried.
Fight against illicit drug use is tantamount to partial slavery in United States. The road blocks, urine tests, strip searches and money laundering are a threat to civil liberty and anti-slavery philosophy. Legalizing drugs would therefore give Americans control over their bodies and hence civil liberty. Legalizing drugs will also contribute to free trade. This will save the country violent crimes and shootouts amongst drug cartels/dealers. It will mean death of cartels which are mostly involved in terrorism acts. Besides, it could be a means of saving tax payers from spending millions of dollars in anti-narcotics campaign.
Anti-legalizing illicit drug proponents argue base the arguments on and productivity health effects. Legalizing use of drugs means increasing the number of deaths and health related issues. Gil Kerlikowske, United States ONDCP director claimed that illegal drugs cost app...
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