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Whether Or Not Bottled Water Should Be Banned In Schools (Essay Sample)


a argumentive essay. The task is to take a position on weather or not bottled water should be banned in schools with support that claim with evidence. Need citing relevant sources. Use words, phrases and clauses to provide clear transition and connections between ideas and evidence. MLA format style. Also a conclusive statement.

Bottled Water in Schools
The debate on whether bottled water should be banned in schools or not has long elicited different opinions from the public, and more so from the those in support and in opposition of the proposition. It is often argued that water is life, and while this is true to some extent, the use of bottled water in schools continues to cause heated debates. Nonetheless, the use of bottled water in schools should be banned because it is not significantly different from tap water, and also because it contributes towards an increase in plastic waste on school grounds.
First and foremost, while in some cases there is a clear difference between bottled water and tap water, it has also been established that approximately 25% of bottled water is merely purified tap water and hence does not come from natural springs as many consumers might think (Postman). In essence, there is no nutritional or other value to taking bottled water (Gleick 84), especially within the school environment where safe-to-drink tap water is readily accessible throughout the school compound.<...
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