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Assessment of Business Training Performance (Essay Sample)


Your company privileges good communication skills. In fact, during their second year, all employees are sent to a four-month communication course. As part of your annual review, you must prepare a group-assessment that includes the assessment of your progress in the communication course as a group. Assume that your business communication course is the company's communication course and prepare the communications part of your group-assessment. The company expects this portion to be a page long.
Page 1 - The final write-up (to your supervisor).
Your references should be cited in APA format.
In this assignment: Attach a one page Word document using Times New Roman font, size 12, in response to the assignment description.
Be sure to:
Answer each question listed.
Work should be written in third person.
Mind your grammar and punctuation rules.
Check the flow of content using paragraphs, listing and indentions to separate your responses.
DO NOT number your responses in your submission.
Always cite your references in APA format. See info sheet in Moodle for detail.
Criteria 1: Following assignment instruction. Point Assessment: The assignment was either followed clearly, or not. If the assignment instruction was not adhered to, a 2 point deduction will be applied.
· Criteria 2: Punctuation and grammar. Punctuation includes appropriate use of: apostrophes, colons and semicolons, hyphens, italics and bold type face, commas, parenthesis, and end punctuation (periods, question marks and exclamation points). Grammar includes the appropriate use of: tense (all work should be written in first or third person – see directions), words should be spelled properly, proper subject + verb agreement, and whole sentences should be used (no fragments or run-ons). Point Assessment: 1-2 punctuation or grammar mistakes: -2 points, 3+ punctuation or grammar mistakes: -4 points
· Criteria 3: All areas addressed. Point Assessment: The questions are either answered, or not. If the content does not address all the questions, a 1 point deduction will be applied.
· Criteria 4: Flow of content includes the assessment of: The layout of the words/paragraphs. Should include a breakdown of information in a way that is easy to be read and understood. Point Assessment: How well does the content flow? If the content does not flow perfectly, a 3 point deduction will be applied.
· Criteria 5: Depth of content includes the assessment of: The use of paragraphs – information should be introduced then elaborated on. Information is detailed but not monotonous. The words used in the response paint an in-depth picture of the assignment. Point Assessment: How well does the student go into depth with the assignment? If the content does not have depth, an 8 point deduction will be applied.
· Criteria 6: The work is visually appealing. Point Assessment: Does the visual appearance of the content entice you to read it? If the content is not visually appealing, a 2 point deduction will be applied.
Due dates and times are located in your syllabus and in Moodle next to the assignment. Before submitting your work, be sure to proofread it at least three times. After all, when you submit your work to me, you are telling me it is the best work you can do and you are ready for a grade. Note that you will not be able to view your assignment again until after it is graded. Remember from my initial email that ALL ASSIGNMENTS require you to have a citation in APA format.


Assessment of Business Training Performance
The business training that we went through played an important role in our careers. The training played an important role in building our working relationships at the company. Before we went for the training, most of the employees at the company did not actually recognize the importance of the working relationships. An employee would just arrive at their place of work and proceed to work on the projects that were assigned to them. There was little interaction among the members.
The communication training has also played an important role in the management of people and resources. As the management of the company, one of the goals is to increase the productivity of each of the employees and ensure efficient management of resources. This cannot be achieved without the appropriate communication channels. After the training, each of the employees was supposed to report to the manager on a daily basis outlining the activities they had carried out within the company. The manager would then assign the employee other tasks for the next day. Through regular communication, t

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