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Many Of These Women Are Worrying Not About Having It All (Essay Sample)


PART 1: Your difficulty or curiosity (200 words min, 2 quotes/paraphrases minimum)
Work with a paragraph from a book article( upload later)
Quote or paraphrase the section(s) of a text you find difficult, OR the section(s) of a text that sparks your curiosity.
As specifically as possible, describe why those sections are challenging/sparking curiosity for you. What is going on in your mind as you read this text?
PART 2: Your strategy for addressing your difficulty or curiosity (150 words minimum)
Formulate a plan of action in which you come up with a combination of strategies to address your difficulty or curiosity. Perhaps you underline a particular thesis or idea, or maybe you will research more, or maybe you just need a vocabulary reference or character analysis strategy.
Be sure you explain in detail:
What strategies you will be using
Why do you believe those strategies will address your difficulty/curiosity
What do you hope to understand by using those strategies
Attach your reading strategies to your finished paper. You need to figure out how to create evidence of each strategy. This could be notes from a conversation, research notes and a source list, notes from a conversation you had, photocopies of your annotations, or anything else that provides evidence that you put your strategy into action.
Attach the text you chose to work with for this paper.
PART 3: New insights (200 words minimum, 2 quotes/paraphrases minimum)
After you put your plan into action explain how your strategy impacted your understanding of the text. Use the same quotations you used in part 1 to develop and support your ideas.
Potential questions to address include:
What new insights did you gain?
In what ways did your understanding of the text change or shift after putting your strategy into place?
What is now clear? What is now fuzzy, or what additional questions do you have?
How does this new understanding impact your understanding of the text as a whole?
PART 4: Reflection (150 words minimum)
In this section, please reflect on what you learned from this process. You might wish to consider questions such as the following:
1.What did you learn about the reading process by completing this paper?
2.What have you learned about yourself, and the way you approach texts by completing this paper?
3.The next time you encounter a challenging text, or an idea that makes you want to know more, what will you do?


Your Name
Subject and Section
Professor’s Name
June 29, 2019
Part 1
Quote: “Many of these women are worrying not about having it all, but rather about holding on to what they have” (Slaughter, 534).
Upon reading the text, I find this quote as one of the most interesting ones throughout the whole article. This is because it piqued my curiosity about the work-life conditions that women are facing today. Most of the time people believe that equality between men and women is already achieved. We think that the presence of women in politics, businesses, and other sectors of the society symbolizes equality between the genders. However, the reality is that women are already having trouble about “how to combine professional success and satisfaction with a real commitment to a family” (Slaughter, 542). Even I believed, prior reading this, that women have already achieved an equal status in society with the help of the law. However, as the paragraph discussed, these milestones in equality has also led to certain negative effects. Particularly, in one study “economists Justin Wolfers and Betsey Stevenson have shown that women are less happy today than their predecessors were in 1972, both in absolute terms and relative to men” (Slaughter, 534).
Part 2
In order to address this curiosity, I am planning to do a research about the different kinds of inequality that women are facing. This includes not only the obvious ones but also those which are not obvious. Specifically, I would focus on categorizing these kinds of inequality in the workplace and researching about how they affect the live

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